The Star Wars-ation of Final Fantasy

I’m a curmudgeon and I know it. But that doesn’t make me wrong.

There’s something that’s been going on with Final Fantasy for years. I can’t recall exactly when it started, but I feel like it’s kind of crept up on us.

final-fantasy-iv 3dA ton of the pre-FFVII games have been remade on various platforms. Some of them have featured slightly updated graphics, while others have tried unnecessary 3D art or kind of amateurish, cartoony looking stuff. To each his own, I guess. Kind of like when Lucas went back and digitally remastered Star Wars? I hope that struck a nerve with some. If not, I’m preaching to the wrong choir.

FFVI_Kefka_Goes_To_Narshe_iOSOf course, being the property owner, Square(Enix) is free to release as many different iterations as it damn well likes. The thing that has really started to bother me, however, is the terminology revisionism. I understand that Square wants to achieve a certain consistency and continuity throughout the games. We have chocobos and muggles (not sure why some games have called them “mogs”), so why not standardize currency as “gil?” I’d say because these games take place in different worlds. We already have enough commonality within the FF series’ magic system.

To the best of my recollection, we always had “gold” or “gp” in Final Fantasy. Then came FFVII and its “gil,” and now all of our older game remakes are also “gil.” Is that really necessary?

GP, not gil.

What bothers me more, however, is how from FFVII on, Square got rid of “Fire 1,” “Fire 2,” Fire 3,” and replaced them with “Fire,” “Fira,” and “Firaga.” No more “Ice or “Bolt” – now we have “Blizzard” and “Thunder.”

The legendary spell “Meteo” became “Meteor,” or “Comet.” 20100411_meteo

FFIV_SNES_Cure2And now the remakes of FFIV and other classics bear these names, as if “Cure 2” and “Call” (not “Summon”) spells never existed. This Final Fantasy revisionism is washing away important traces of the games of my (possibly poorly translated) childhood, and I object!

Why can’t Square just leave its old games intact? I guess for the same reason there will perhaps never be a rerelease of the theatrical versions of the original three Star Wars movies. Because the artists and property owners can do whatever they like, including coming out with a million and one “new” and “improved” versions of their masterpieces.

“Why is this important?” you may ask. Well, perhaps it’s not. But it saddens me to think that our youth will never know of “Meteo.” At least we still have the old ROMs.




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