I have been reading a lot of Robert E. Howard recently.  In case you are unfamiliar with that name here is a picture of him in his glory:



Howard is one of the greatest pulp-fiction authors, and is the creator of Conan the Barbarian.  If you are unfamiliar with Conan the Barbarian you need to stop reading this post now and familiarize yourself. Much of Howard’s work is concerned with the idea of barbarism against civilization. Barbarism and savagery to Howard’s works are not negative concepts. Barbarism is the natural and preferable state of man. Civilization, to Howard, breeds weakness, corruption, or both. Conan is the only character that is every truly “free” in any of these stories. Allies Conan might encounter are only free in so much as they embrace their natural barbaric state. A conversation between Conan and his female “captive” Queen Yasmina from “The People of the Black Circle” illustrates my point further:

“But I must return to my kingdom!” she repeated helplessly.

“Why?” he demanded angrily. “To chafe your rump on gold thrones, and listen to the plaudits of smirking, velvet-skirted fools? Where is the gain? Listen: I was born in the Cimmerian hills where the people are all barbarians. I have been a mercenary soldier, a corsair, a kozak, and a hundred other things. What king has roamed the countries, fought the battles, loved the women, and won the plunder that I have?

“I came into Ghulistan to raise a horde and plunder the kingdoms to the south—your own among them. Being chief of the Afghulis was only a start. If I can conciliate them, I’ll have a dozen tribes following me within a year. But if I can’t I’ll ride back to the steppes and loot the Turanian borders with the kozaki. And you’ll go with me. To the devil with your kingdom; they fended for themselves before you were born.”

She lay in his arms looking up at him, and she felt a tug at her spirit, a lawless, reckless urge that matched his own and was by it called into being. But a thousand generations of sovereignship rode heavy upon her.

“I can’t! I can’t!” she repeated helplessly.

The People of the Black Circle

 Queen Yasmina knows that Conan’s words are true, but civilization has rendered her trapped. She is unable to truly live, love, and cleave skulls with Conan. Civilization is a weight foisted upon humanity.

So why am I writing about Conan and Howard? Two reasons:

  1. Conan is a badass. He once killed a vulture with his teeth while being crucified.
  2. I’m starting to think that Howard might have been on to something.

Reason one requires no further explanation, but for reason two I offer the following example: http://www.thirdbasepolitics.com/oberlin-feminists-accuse-christina-hoff-sommers-of-supporting-racists/

Following the above link will take you to a story about legal adults terrified of a person with a different opinion. These words of disagreement from the campus visitor constitute “violence,” and make their college community less “safe.”


We have reached the point in our civilization where there is such little fear of real violence that we must now be concerned with “violence” against feelings. Crom forbid someone should get a case of the feelbads or butthurts. One should not bring words to a knife fight.

Our civilization has rendered us weak and ineffectual. Does anyone actually think these students who are so terrified of verbal “violence” will be able to function outside of their collegiate daycares? What if they were called upon to actually defend what the love? We are a fat, lazy people suckling at the teat of our all encompassing state. This will not last. It can not last. The rot will affect all parts of our society eventually. People who are willing to take what they want by force have never gone away. The wolves are at the gates. It is only a matter of time before the gatekeepers decide that a people unwilling to provide and protect themselves and their families are no longer worth dying for.



Looks like we probably won’t have to wait for the guards to give up the gate.  The wolves will eat them first. Nothing like high-heels to make soldiers combat ready.



3 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. Well said. We live in a world of trigger warnings and microaggressions now, but that’s just the veneer of our society. People live in this shell and think nothing bad could ever happen here. The odds of severe solar flare, economic collapse, a cataclysmic earthquake, devastating terrorism, or fascist government may not be very high (at the moment), but it only takes one disaster.

    And Arnold is the best Conan. Can’t wait for the next movie!

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  2. Someone I was once close to had a complete collection of Conans in paperback. He never lost his enthusiasm for them and wanted to hold on to them forever, but alas they deteriorated with age.


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