A boost for Protein World

In case you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid the latest outrage from the same folk who have brought us terms like “body shaming” and “trigger warnings,” I must inform you of this most recent episode.

A British supplements company called Protein World recently invested in a London subway ad campaign features billboards of a toned model, along with the question “Are you beach body ready?”

The offending ad.
The offending ad.

Horror of horrors, I know. The howlers quickly descended to protest this indignity. Models do not belong in such ads, because they make the rest of us feel bad. How dare Protein World suggest that only hot bodies are beach bodies! Freedom of expression be damned – this is some emotionally damaging stuff!

A Change.org petition to remove the offending ads was started (and has apparently succeeded – big surprise the local government caved), and protests have been scheduled. Good, good – marching all day is an effective way to burn some calories..

Now, do I think this is an admirable ad? No. It’s not really clever or creative in any way. Seems like a reasonable banner for a protein company, though. Use our stuff and look like this, right?

In a pleasantly surprising show of intestinal fortitude, Protein World has not recanted. They have been fighting back against the protesters; calling those who vandalize their ads “terrorists.” That may be a little extreme, but it’s nice to see a company with some rocks stand up to the crybabies. It probably doesn’t hurt their resolve that the barrage of media attention has boosted their sales increase by over a million dollars over the course of a few days.

The lesson I see in this is that if companies stand up to the pressure SJWs bring to bear, they will often come out on top. In many cases the other side will make up for any lost sales, and for companies like Protein World, the complainers probably weren’t their target market anyway.




One thought on “A boost for Protein World

  1. Who would march against an ad for a weight loss program other than people who don’t like their own bodies?


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