Podcast education

Things have been ramping up lately and time has become more precious. It’s interesting how as you get older you look back fondly upon the oodles of free minutes and hours you seemingly once had to piss away on whatever you fancied. Maybe that perception is amplified by the fact that I spent the majority of my childhood without such a wonderful timesink as the Internet.

Regardless, I find my thirst for knowledge increasingly competing for time with my health and fitness goals and the hunger for entertainment (and unlimited power). Keeping up with even a fraction of the latest video games and Internet memes requires serious commitment!

So I’ve been listening to number of podcasts recently in order to leverage my commute time. Here’s what I’ve been following recently:

Stuff You Should Know

stuff you should know

Stuff You Should Know is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and it’s kind of like a primary school, liberal arts sort of education. The show is hosted by two intellectually curious guys name Chuck and Josh, who conduct in-depth research on a different topic for each episode. These subjects are usually outside their area of expertise, so you should keep that in mind when listening, but still they present a lot of interesting facts and information. Some examples of their episodes are: “How Spiders Work,” “How Perfume Works,” “What is Folklore?” and “How Breast Implants Work.”

The Tech Guy

tech guy

Leo Laporte is a tech expert, broadcaster, and author who has been on the air since the 90’s. His current show is nationally syndicated and runs on the weekends, and you can download or listen to archived episodes online for free. If you’re interested in computers, wireless technology, or home entertainment I’d say he’s worth a listen.


Planet Money


NPR is generally shunned by those on the right, but I find Planet Money to usually be pretty apolitical. This podcast focuses on stories of entrepreneurs, economic policies, and other money-related issues. I find the narrations to be well done, and there are some particularly fascinating case studies presented. I recently listened to an episode talking about the lifecycle of “bubbles” and their relationship to collectors. The hosts went on to talk about Magic the Gathering, and how it avoided a bubble by carefully regulating the number of rare cards printed and circulated and making sure their cards didn’t become prohibitively expensive for customers.

The Tim Ferriss Show


The Tim Ferriss show was recommended to me by a neighbor. I hadn’t heard of the guy before, but apparently he’s a pretty well-connected entrepreneur, author, and angel investor. He’s advised a number of tech companies and has written a couple of bestselling productivity and fitness books. On his podcast, he interviews a variety of successful and influential people from a range of fields and delves into their personal habits, their backgrounds, and their advice for success. I recently listened to his interview with Glenn Beck, and then an episode where he talked with hacker and security researcher Samy Kamkar. Ferriss himself seems to have courted a few controversies and so may be a little polarizing to some people, but I’ve found his show to be fascinating so far.

Townhall Review


And of course we have a conservative/political show. I’ve been shopping around for an enjoyable and informative conservative news show for a little while now. I like listening to Hugh Hewitt, but this was the only podcast I found – Townhall Review, which is kind of a weekly mashup of recent news, mostly collected from his show. I haven’t found a (free), frequently recorded podcast for any of my favorite pundits or broadcasters yet, so this is the best I’ve got.

So there you have it. If any of these pique your interest, go ahead and have at them. If you have any suggestions for me, would love to hear them in the comments!








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