On Bruce Jenner and our moral decay

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably a denizen of the Internet, and thus are aware of Bruce Jenner and his celebrated metamorphosis. Despite seeing images of the new Bruce sprinkled throughout my social media all day, I still find myself a bit disturbed. So I shall offer a familiar and (relatively) natural photo of Mr. Jenner.


I use “he” and “Mr.” consciously and purposefully. There are takes all over the place on what he’s done to himself – some gushing, some disgusted. I offer the reactions of Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air and Matt Walsh.

For my part, I won’t drone on about what he’s done; I don’t have much to say beyond what many others have been saying. I pity Mr. Jenner and certainly don’t wish him any ill. I was listening to Steven Crowder’s interview with Milo Yiannopolous the other day, and Milo brought up a very good point, which Ed Morrissey also brings up. There are some who suffer from mental disorders whereby they do not recognize their own limbs. The prescribed treatment (for now, anyway) has not been to amputate a sufferer’s arm. Rather it has been medication and therapy to help ease or cure this disordered mental state. Why, then do we cheer when one who does not “feel” proper ownership of one’s manhood decides to chop it off? It is largely because the transsexual movement has latched itself onto the LGB movement, which Milo (who is a gay conservative – a strange breed, indeed) decries.

The laudatory reactions I’m seeing from some are troubling, but not surprising. Our society’s go-to refrain is becoming “why not, if it doesn’t hurt anyone?” But most people have such a limited and shortsighted understanding of “hurt.” Damage to the soul, damage to the psyche, damage to societal values – these things are of little consideration, because everything is relative.

Nominal Christians’ go-to argument is that Jesus would not condemn. For them, the Bible can be condensed to Matthew 7:1, “Judge not, that you be not judged.” Charity, kindness, “niceness” – these are the names for the new chief virtue of those Christians who have fallen into this heretical trap.

Jesus also said in Matthew (10:34) “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” There are also numerous examples of of Christ rebuking sinners. Yes, he forgave them. Yes, he told others to tend to their own sins. But he did not endorse wicked or sinful behavior. He corrected it, forgave the sinners, and told them to sin no more. This is what the Cult of Kindness chooses to ignore.

When Christians speak out in favor of abortion; in favor of same sex marriage or any other extramarital sex; in favor of self-mutilation or suicide, they are not being kind. They are doing spiritual harm and defending sinful behavior. It’s one thing to quietly repudiate in one’s heart, or to reserve judgement. It’s quite another to endorse or actively defend evil.

It may or may not be hyperbolic to say that the U.S. is Babylon poised to fall. But one needs only to look at the history of Rome. Rome was not built in a day, nor did it collapse overnight. It died of a slow decay. All is not well in America. The question is not whether it will fall but when. A house cannot stand on a rotten foundation, and neither can our country.




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