The Trump distraction

I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump. I won’t speculate about his level of intelligence, but he’s unquestionably narcissistic. He speaks his mind, but his motives are suspect. Politically, he’s irrelevant in the sense that he doesn’t have a realistic shot at the White House, and he knows that. But he loves attention and so he’s going to make some noise again.


He is high-profile enough to do some damage, however. In that sense, he’s a wildcard. Does he seriously espouse the ideals he is trumpeting? As other commentators have pointed out, his conservative credentials are highly suspect. Seems like just another rich crony capitalist to me. But because he knows he isn’t going to win, he can say what other candidates cannot. Will he turn his cannons then at fellow Republicans or at Hillary? Where will he inflict the most hurt?

Honestly I wish he’d just go away, but lemonade from lemons, right? His interactions with the media can be informative. The latest example of him “stepping in it” (not really, because who really cares? He’s still going to be a billionaire after he drops out of the race) is drawing the ire of the mainstream media and Team Outrage.

In his presidential announcement speech, he said that too many illegal immigrants from Mexico are criminals. For a moment let’s ignore the fact that illegal immigrants are, by definition, criminals for violating our immigration law.


No one said Mexicans are criminals. Trump didn’t even say all illegal Mexican immigrants…err, excuse me “undocumented immigrants” are criminals, even though they are. He said too many of them are criminals. Which is true. He said they are not sending us their best and brightest, which only makes sense. No one said Mexicans are bad, undesirable, or shouldn’t be welcome here. But Mexicans, and anyone else who wants to live in the US, should respect our laws. I say this as someone who has a Thai girlfriend who has had to work very hard to remain here legally. The system is harsh, but that’s not an excuse to ignore it.

So why should Trump apologize? Well, because. The same reason why everyone should celebrate the imposition of gay marriage upon all states in the Union, and the same reason why the Confederate flag is to be stricken from all records and banned from the public square.

And until he apologizes, Team Outrage will be on the case, don’t you worry.

As much as I’d like Trump to go away and give more air time for serious issues, perhaps he serves a purpose as a lightning rod and one more foot of rope for the SJW crowd to hang themselves with as they continue to overreach.

I guess we’ll see.




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