The Doldrums

We’ve been inactive for much longer than I like, but not for unhappy reasons. I just recently started a new job and have been learning the ropes. Much to learn still, but I retire home every day very tired, in a good way.

Kaiju, meanwhile, has been finishing up his CS degree while working full time and rearing two wildkin. And also he doesn’t care about you, dear readers. Never forget that.

Probably most notable in tech news is the approach of the next iPhone generation. I expect it will drop tomorrow. And when the 6S drops, so will the price on the standard 6. This is when I make my move. So long, 4S – you have served me well.

In culture and politics, there’s always a lot going on. My more primal side is rooting for Kim Davis, while the more rational side cringes. I am also enjoying the spectacle of the Queen crashing and burning, but am also steeling myself for the very real possibility that she will wind up above the law.

More to come in coming days.




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