Game of dicks

Work’s been eventful. I don’t yet have a vast pool of experience to draw from, but checking each machine on our system for potentially malicious Bomgar software was new. Our AV software had flagged a user installation of Bomgar, which is a legitimate remote desktop software. However we don’t support said software in our office’s remote setup, and thus this raised some red flags. Well, for whatever reason our AV couldn’t pinpoint the computer where this happened, so we had to do a manual sweep of about 100 machines. Good stuff. When we finally found the computer, it seemingly deleted the Bomgar files after a restart. Malware or some kind of mistakenly-installed freeware? Who’s to know?

It seems the security field is a game of risk. “Can’t be too careful” is a rather trite expression when you consider the advantage attackers have in cyber realm. You’ve got a lot of dicks out there probing for vulnerable marks. Every week, it seems, there are fresh stories of hacks and data breaches. You can spend piles of dough and have great best practices (the best, even), but then a weak link in your chain, like a sloppy or unlucky vendor, can bring you down. That’s not to say you shouldn’t do all you can, but again – it’s about balancing risk.

Speaking of dicks, I recently took the plunge into Crusader Kings 2, which I’ve been meaning to try for ages. It’s kind of funny (though I doubt lol-inducing); a coworker of mine and I were observing the other day how gaming, though a fun hobby, can require some serious energy. It can take a real investment of time and/or brainpower to immerse oneself into the world of a new game, or to learn its workings. Sometimes you don’t want to deal with that shit, though – you simply want to come home, prepare and consume a crude organic consumable of some kind, and pwn some frigging noobs before you get your 7 hours of sleep. You don’t want to be learning about vassal limits and the hierarchy of baronies, counties, and duchies. You may want to know about stewardship bonuses and how higher crown authority displeases your underlings, and that the default gavelkind inheritance system is a pain in my ass, but you just don’t want to spend 2 hours learning how to play.

But the other day I began learning.

I’d heard it was an intricate game, and it certainly is. The first major fact that’s struck me is that to get ahead, you really have to be a dick. Sure, you can expand your holdings by trying to arrange favorable marriages and perhaps hoping for a neighbor’s grip on his lands to slip…but such opportunities don’t seem super frequent so far, and they rely on time and luck. If you really want to start piling up titles and power, you need to assassinate some chumps (often family members). Weed out those weak heirs. Fabricate some claims as pretext for snatching nearby lands. So thus far, CK2 has taught me that being a d-bag is the surest and quickest way to power. Sounds about right.




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