Vikings are dicks, too

The Vikings were pretty badass; this we know. If this is news to you, go watch the 13th Warrior.


Pirates have been popular for a number of years now, despite their shortcomings. I guess this is because they would cruise around scoring booty and sticking to the Man. And they were pretty much always drunk. But man, the Vikings were doing it up long before the Golden Age of Piracy. They were like the pirates we now know and love, except instead of pistols and cannons they had giant swords and sweet Nord beards.

But like a lot of pirates, man, they were assholes. Worse, in fact.  Often pirates would just take your ship and all your stuff and wouldn’t bother killing you unless you resisted. If you liked the cut of their jib, oftentimes you could even join them. Vikings, though. They would roll up, take all your stuff, burn your village, and probably kill all your men. Dang.

In Crusader Kings 2, I’ve taken another crack at the Iceling dynasty and have been doing well. I’m king of over half of England (woot). But the damn Vikings keep dropping by in ships and pillaging my counties. Sometimes I’ll raise my armies and crush them, but often they’ll run away and take to sea as soon as they see my dudes on the march. Bastards.

Oh, and a Bomgar update as well. One of their SEO people found my little story about our office scare and dropped me a message. Well done finding our little nook here! He wrote:


I saw your post over at and thought I’d explain.

What may happened with the Bomgar incident was that someone there was supported by our product. If this was an ad hoc remote support session, the customer files are single use and automatically uninstall after the session ends … unless a more permanent Bomgar client is installed (Jump Client, Bomgar Button, etc.).

Hope that helps. Sorry you had to do the searching.”


Interesting to know.





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