Passwords, casuals, and TD

Every time I check back in I realize I haven’t posted in over a week. Where’s the time going? Probably to games; not gonna lie.

I was going to lament that most of my game time has been spent on casual games of late – Heroes of the Storm with friends and lots of mobile diddling. Is Hots really a casual game, though? Probably to most MOBA players it is, and though we’re rocking Rank 1 at the moment, it’s not like we’re on the competitive scene. I guess this one’s up in the air. One can debate whether our preferred 3 tank core team build makes us pros or cassie “try-hards” (Magnataur’s new favorite word).

As for mobile, I’ve been on and off with Soda Dungeon – t’is a silly place, but I really dig the concept. I’m not sure how the revenue stream is for these types of games, which are free to play with very optional IAP and a modicum of ads, but they make me happy.

I’ve also been able to download and once again enjoy Staunch Defense, one of my first mobile Tower Defense games. It was inexplicably banished to the nether for a period of time and I couldn’t retrieve it from my purchased apps. But lo, it has returned.

Budget brilliance.

If you’re into TD games, don’t let the Microsoft Paint-looking graphics turn you off. This one has a lot of character and variety, and it’s probably one of the deepest TDs I’ve played. Mechanics-wise, that is; there’s not really any story to speak of. It’s on the other end of the pool from Bloons TD, which is a great entry-level title for the genre (which I got my girlfriend hooked on last week), but doesn’t offer much progression or many different strategies to play with. Maybe that has changed has the series has grown, though. I don’t believe I’ve ventured past the first one or two, and I just saw Bloons TD 5 in the app store.

Ah, casual games. I suppose none of that’s really a true waste of time so long as it’s enjoyable. And watching monkeys pop balloons — excuse me, I mean bloons — can be quite enjoyable. And at least I’m plodding along with my Iceling dynasty. But the “To-Play” list is getting longer and longer. Pillars of Eternity and Divine Divinity: Original Sin have been sitting there for too long. Then we’ve got Vampire the Masquerade to finish, classics like Suikoden 2 on the back, back, back-burner, and things like Undertale coming out of left field. 94/100 metascore? Come on, that’s not fair.

I’m going to need to take a few weeks of vacation one of these years to catch up.

In the tech world, I’m really liking LastPass. Do you know it? It’s a password manager with a lot of useful features. Basically you sign up and create one master password to rule them all – make it a good one! Then you can store all your other passwords inside, and also create secure notes for yourself. There are extensions for all the major browsers so that you can let LastPass pull in your login info and then automatically plug it in for you in the future. It can even generate random, secure passwords for you. Since you don’t need to remember them anymore, any gobbledy-gook will do. Who has time for remembering a buttload of passwords these days, with all these enticing games to play?





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