Fish Story and Slave Leia

One of my favorite Japanese movies is back on Netflix. It’s called Fish Story, and after originally watching it on Netflix a couple years ago, I was able to acquire a Japanese-region DVD through not-so-nefarious means. A short description from IMDB:

In the year 2012 a comet approaches earth, threatening to end civilization when it impacts. On the streets of Japan, a single music store remains open, its proprietor insisting to his customers that the world is not coming to an end. He plays a forgotten song recorded by an obscure band 37 years ago, and insists that somehow, this song will save the world. A series of short stories spans the years from the recording of the song in 1975 to the modern day, and shows how–in roundabout fashion–the man in the music store is absolutely right.

fish story

The movie is more than a little quirky and defies assignment of a single genre. I found it pretty entertaining all the way through, but it really shines in how it comes together in the last few minutes. If you’re into that kind of flick and/or a little sweet punk music, go check it out while it’s available!

Update: Oh no! It appears I was tricked by IMDB’s “watch on Netflix” button and the fact that it links to a Netflix page that displays info about Fish Story but no longer has a “play movie” option. Woe of woes! I suppose if you’d still like to see it, you’ll either have to get it from the sourceland or else use nefarious means. :/

In other news, there’s a story bouncing all around the nerdosphere that Slave Leia is being retired. I haven’t found any official press release or statement yet, so this one may yet be a rumor. Gotta say, I wouldn’t really be surprised, given the degree to which people these days flex to be offended, but this one kinda came out of left field for me. I mean, I didn’t know this was a point of contention (I know, I know, my white male privilege must be showing).

The more I think about it, it makes sense as a target for SJWs. They’ve already jumped into the world of video games, and now that they have a film in the works to obfuscate the facts of Gamergate, they’re ready to move on to other bastions of nerdom.

A quick Google search brings up a slew of articles praising a ban on Slave Leia merchandise. What an upside-down world we live in. Lena Dunham is brave and sexy (barf) for going nude on her HBO series, and yet men are scolded for finding beauty and appeal in a much more attractive female form.

Yes, Leia was enslaved and I assume sexually assaulted by Jabba the Hutt (if you care to speculate about imaginary happenings beyond what is portrayed on-screen). And yes, she is exposed and objectified by her gold bikini and chains. But she never breaks. And she strangles Jabba with those chains and her own two hands. But damn it, she had no business looking so sexy while she did so. She should have been wearing a burka. Think of the children!

But on a more serious note, perhaps the critics do have a point. I mean, Star Wars is a family movie, and it’s owned by Disney now. We wouldn’t want children to be exposed to something that they might think back upon decades later and realize there might have been more going on than what was shown on-screen.





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