Gaming and gabbers

As we slide into holiday prime time, I wanted to make sure I checked in here. My work just concluded a large annual holiday charity drive, for which I was deputized and on which I spent a considerable amount of time. That together with other duties has really cut into the time I normally use for writing.

What have a I been spending my leisure time on recently?

On the book front, I’ve been working on Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International. Larry is one of a few conservative writers whom I follow on social media and the blogosphere, and has been a major player in the Sad Puppies wars. So far I’ve been enjoying the somewhat conservative lens of his scifi tale, and his love of guns is eminently apparent. My eyes do glaze when he starts describing firearm components and mods, but there are more objectionable things to be reading about (unless you’re a bleeding heart, I suppose).

I’m still on HOTS, and have been getting my Nova on. Gathering Power was recently buffed, bringing her power level back up again and reigniting community interest in playing her. I’d been warming to her play style before the buff, so I feel like I’m a little ahead of the curve. Nothing quite like a game with 2 stealthers. You can either play as normally proscribed, or you can basically do nothing until the enemy stealth reveals themself, and then if your aim is true you take them out of the fight immediately. It’s a high-rage strat and one that I endorse.

A lot going on in mobile these days, too. Digfender, a recent TD game with the twist that you build the enemies’ lane (and in the process can mine for additional resources) has been in my rotation.

Kairosoft has kind of slowed down with their mobile sim localizations, and I feel like the last few that I’ve played have been a little shoddily done. It’s a shame, because they have a great library and Game Dev Story was brilliant. Still, I just can’t help myself and so I’m cruising through the Ramen Sensei.

Lastly, I’ve been jumping back and forth with Wizards and Wagons. If you like trading/economy games, you might enjoy this like number. It’s pretty to look at and has some solid gameplay if you enjoy trading. Unfortunately it’s not as deep as I’d like, and some of the mechanics don’t seem fully thought-out or explained. For example, roads sometimes get upgraded, but how/why is not laid out. The upgrading pattern seems to suggest that for some reason killing enemies triggers this. Yet I haven’t seen any explanation, nor have I noticed or been told what the benefits of these upgrades are.  Still, for its flaws it’s a good bit of fun (once again with the caveat that you’re into these kinds of games).

I’m unsure how soon I’ll be making my next post, so I’ll just wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year now. May your holidays be filled with gaming and/or other nerdy endeavors.





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