Wavering on Trump

It’s been quite a while, my friends! I have a few drafts in the pipeline, but things have gotten jammed up…

Just to poke my head in, I wanted to share something I’ve been feeling conflicted about lately. Trump isn’t “my guy,” as they say. Like so many other conservatives, the steady and overwhelming support for Trump has been surprising and disheartening. Rubio, one of the most conservative guys to run in quite some time, is being painted as “part of the establishment.” Cruz is being bombarded with bullshit birtherims and playground-style ad hominems. I’d take either one of those guys over DJ in a heartbeat.

And yet, Trump would almost certainly be a better choice than Hillary (or Bernie). I’ve said in the past that I would hold my nose and vote for Trump if he’s the nominee. I still intend to do so at the moment, but he’s making it so difficult. His tactics, while perhaps smart, just serve to highlight his lack of big ideas and how everything is personal with him.

If he is elected and turns out to be as petty and egotistical as Obama; if he continues to rule by fiat and executive order; if he makes fools of us all, while his cult of personality turn a blind eye to his failings – can I get on board with that? Or will I deeply regret voting for him?




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