In case you didn’t know (because you live in a cave) it’s going to snow in Washington D.C. this weekend. Washingtonians and their media are known for their restraint and outward focus, so there has been nothing but coverage of the coming white apocalypse (no, that was not a reference to the Oscars *jokes*). There has also been a mad scramble to purchase everything for sale that resembles food in any way.

trader joes

I have the misfortune of living in the suburbs of DC and working in the city center. There are several things that make snow in DC unbearable. Here is a list:

  1. D.C. loves talking about D.C., and therefore everything must be exaggerated. You will be made to care.
  2. People in D.C. can’t drive to begin with. Add snow to the mix and you get:

    dc snow
    Fox 5 Twitter Feed Fun
  3. The Washington Metro area is run by semi-functioning morons.
  4. D.C. is a crappy city and I hate it. (Not snow related but thought I’d throw it on here)

There really is nothing to be done about the coming regional embarrassment. The rest of the country will rightly mock us and we will take it. D.C. already takes everybody’s money, so whats a bit of mockery? Drive safe everyone, and stay away from D.C.



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