So the Iowa caucuses happened the other day. Too early to call the race for the GOP nomination; most of the buzz is still about Trump, but the odds on Rubio seem to be up.

I’ve not seen an exorbitant amount of presidential elections, but this cycle is certainly the craziest I’ve witnessed. On the right, we’ve had probably the most dynamic and qualified lineup of presidential hopefuls ever vying for the Republican nomination. On the left, we’ve got the wife of an ex-president, and an honest-to-goodness socialist. Geez.

And the supporters are just going nuts. Maybe it’s because Twitter and other social media have blow up these days. But I can’t recall McCain /Romney/ Santorum /Huckabee /etc fans ever having been at each others’ throats as viciously as this cycle. I’m sure from their point of view they’re eminently virtuous and reasonable, but the hardcore Trump fans have really hit the wall. There’s plenty of virtual ink I could spill about Trump (and most of the candidates for both parties), but for now I’ll just say that we don’t need another cult of personality ushering another tyrant into the White House. Oh, and Ann Coulter is unhinged.


In other news, still playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Qui Gon recently became accessible to F2P players, and he looks like he has some serious potential. I’ve been running into a discouraging amount of shitty random number rolls, it seems. The other day I only got 5 battles into Galactic Conquest before I was matched against a team several levels higher than me with nearly all purple squad members. They wiped both my A and B teams, and I think I only killed one of their characters.

Kaiju also turned me on to an excellent little game called Crashlands. It’s a seriously well put together, genre mashing action-survival-crafting-RPG. The graphics are cartoony and appealing, the story is simple, and the characters and dialogue are quite humorous. Combat and crafting are fun and engaging so far, and there’s a huge amount to explore. Definitely worth the price tag, IMO.






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