Why and How Donald Trump Will Make America Great Again: An Essay

Donald Trump is going to fix the system. He knows how since he spent years taking advantage of it, so he’s perfectly positioned to make sure billionaires pay their fair sure and keep big money out of politics. Just like the Clintons after leaving the White House, Donald was a man of modest means and is self-made.

Under President Trump, everyone will be taken care of. No longer will Americans be dying in the streets.

He will bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., since the likes of China and Japan are beating us, and our companies are cheating taxes by moving abroad, and we never win anymore.

Donald Trump is a man of the people. Really. The GOP Establishment fears him.

And the Democrats fear him.

But he knows how to make great deals, so he will also get things done. Very special, amazing things.

He will stand up to Russia and China. And he will make Mexico pay for a wall, solving our immigration crisis.

Donald Trump will make America great again.





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