Cuban Sandwich and the #NeverTrump Question

The debate last week provided a bit of catharsis for disillusioned conservatives. Rubio came out hard against Trump and knocked him off balance several times (and the moderators continually kicked it to Kasich, allowing Trump to regain some of his composure). Cruz started off iffy by prodding a little bit at Marco and passing on some lay-up anti-Trump questions. But then Trump hit Cruz and the guns turned. The rest of the debate was Trump turning different shades of red (orange?) and blusteringly defending himself on both sides, with a sprinkling of Carson and Kasich.

It’s possible this strategy of belittling Trump and actually training all attacks on the front-runner may have worked a few months ago. Now I think it’s just what I said – catharsis. Trump will most likely be the Republican nominee.

And when that happens, I’m re-registering as (I). I’ve known for a long time that the GOP has colluded with the Democrats. Crony capitalism crossed party lines. It’s just always been an issue of which party is the lesser of two evils. With the Freedom Caucus, and Tea Party upstarts like Ted Cruz (and, yes, Marco Rubio), I had hope that the GOP could be turned around.

Not really anymore. Whether it was Trump, the GOP Establishment, or some other-wordly force, the angry Anti-Establishment crowd has awoken. Trump is pulling support from all kinds of demos, but the kind Trump fans on Twitter have made it clear to me that conservatism is no longer a concern. Trump could have run as a Democrat and hijacked their party, but as luck would have it, he has co-opted the GOP. I have been told that conservatives are collateral damage, and that if we want to stay outside the Trump tent, then “goodbye.”

It’s astonishing. I think it’s Dennis Prager who has said there are two parties – the dangerous party, and the stupid party, and the GOP is the stupid party. Correct. We had a slew of great candidates this year, including at least two solid conservatives in Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. I know many have written off Rubio has a GOPe shill because of his involvement in the Gang of 8. These are people who can forgive Trump for flip-flopping on nearly every issue, nearly every day. Even if you don’t like Rubio, though, Cruz has been as consistent a conservative as you’ll ever find. He may not have Rubio’s charm, but he is sharp as a tack and would destroy Hillary in a debate. No matter.

It’s confounding. In order to burn down the Establishment, the mob has turned to a New York billionaire, who is just the other side of the crony capitalist coin. He is friends with many prominent Democrats and has contributed to their campaigns.

As Kaiju says, I suppose – this country will get the politician it deserves.

What’s left now is to decide whether to vote for Trump or not.

On one hand, some prominent conservatives like Prager and Ben Shapiro are saying that there is too much at stake to risk Hillary. Trump may be a wild card, but there is at least a chance that he would nominate conservative Justices to the SCOTUS. Trump could potentially do less damage than Clinton.

On the other hand, I also respect what Steven Crowder is saying – that he doesn’t want his vote for Trump on his conscience if we wind up with a dictator. That is fair.

There are also many voices in the #NeverTrump crowd that I respect and agree with. Personally, I feel that if the Trump crowd is going to give the finger to conservatives, then we should part ways. The GOP has always been for me a vehicle for conservatism. Principles over party, as some say. If conservatism is no longer the goal, then why am I here? And why do I owe Trump my vote?

But I keep coming back to the question of the Supreme Court. Maybe Trump won’t need my vote, and living in a blue state it probably won’t make a difference for me personally. But for the conservative wrestling with the question of whether or vote Trump or write-in, my prayers to you. I know exactly how you feel.






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