It is by will alone I set my mind in motion

Last night’s debate reinforced for me the tragedy of tribalism: a lack of critical thought. Granted, I’m more kindly disposed to Rubio and Cruz, but I acknowledge their flaws. If I doubted either was a conservative, they’d lose my support. But Trump’s base, good Lord. At this point he is probably impervious to critical damage. He may lose a point or two as a result of some of the thing’s he said, but come on. He asserted that if he orders our troops to conduct torture, they’ll damn well do what he says. Are our soldiers now mindless drones to be used as our Leader sees fit? He doubled down on going after the families of terrorists. When challenged about why he produces his clothing products abroad instead of in the U.S., despite his pandering about bringing jobs back home, he blustered about unfair currency manipulation and told Rubio that he doesn’t understand business. And yet this man’s support remains strong.

Choosing a candidate should be hard, and I can only hope that there are enough undecideds who can be swayed against Trump. It takes time and effort to do research and actively seek out information, I know! For many people there just isn’t the energy or incentive to do so.

And it’s a damn shame. It’s easier than ever now, with Google just a few keystrokes away. When enough Americans lose the will to fight for their country (distinct from the desire to “burn it down”) and just complacently accept what’s spoon-fed to them by their political betters (and don’t let anyone tell you a billionaire who has rubbed elbows with politicians and donated to them for decades is an outsider), then we lose what we are. We may have already reached the point of no return.

Too much politics for my taste, but what can be done? The days when I can comfortably submerge myself in voluminous, liquid hours of gaming are behind me. And it’s all the more unfortunate because I’d love to play Earthbound on my 3DS. Perhaps I’ll find the time, stashed away in a nook behind my bed.





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