Rise of the Ewoks

A nice little update to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes yesterday (I’m doing my best to move on past the near-crippling disappointment of Super Tuesday).

I hadn’t realized that there were so many named Ewok characters, though Chief Chirpa does ring a bell. I also recall Wicket and Logray.

wicket and logray

So far as the game goes, we’ve now got 4 Ewoks, with a nice bunch of synergies going on. EA’s already got the generic “Ewok Warrior” in-game as an enemy, so I guess we could have a full mob soon. That opens up the important question – what does one call a group of Ewoks?

The troll team is becoming a reality. Until we have a fifth, I suppose you could throw a rando like the generic Jawa into the mix. The main problem with the idea of an Ewok team thus far is that the Ewok Scout and Ewok Elder are pretty difficult to farm, and thus will be pretty slow to build up to competitive levels of play. Still, the path is open.

Another noteworthy change was a buff to Ahsoka buff. Snips has been one of the lesser Jedi for quite some time, mostly due to the randomness of her crits, her slowness, and her low health pool (enabling her to be one or two-shotted by unlucky crits or assists). This change to her unique ability should mitigate those weaknesses, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on some arena teams now. Speed remains king in this meta, and with the buff to speed plus Qui Gon as a leader, she could start bringing some painful crits and clutch healing to the mix.




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