My folly regarding the Darkness

Last year I made note of the Darkness’ latest album, the Last of Our Kind. That release was the impetus for my drive on vikings in recent months. It’s quite interesting how we can become so fascinated by the likes of vikings and pirates and other dastardly brigands. I suppose that’s because at their most romantic, they did possess some admirable and alluring traits: courage and freedom, and their own sort of honor.

Before the Last of Our Kind, the Darkness didn’t even register as a blip on my radar. I regarded their hit song “I Believe In a Thing Called Love” to be a moderately successful pop-rock song of my high school days with a bit of memorable falsetto.

Fast forward a bit. Apple Music can be a little frustrating at times; that is, they don’t have everything you may want to listen to. Still, who would have conceived of this kind of service 5 or 10 years ago? Unlimited streaming and even local caching of a large library of music for $10/month? I would not have conceived of it!


Despite the fact that it doesn’t include every song and album and artist ever, it’s still fairly extensive. This has given me the opportunity to sample a lot of crap at sunken cost. Sure, you can use YouTube if you’re glued to your computer all day. But I am a busy man with computers to unbreak and tedious commutes to suffer.

The Darkness’ body of work impresses me. If I had to pigeonhole them, I’d say they’ve got crunchy chunks of ACDC and Queen with a splash of ELO. And of course their own special sauce blended in. Their stuff isn’t such that it’s good because it’s so bad; they’ve got a lot of technical skill. They also very obviously have fun with their work. Here’s my favorite discovery so far:




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