Republicans buy video games, too

In case you don’t watch the Sports Balls, Villanova won an amazing NCAA final last night at the buzzer.

I’m not always proud of my alma mater. In many ways it’s become one of those small “c” Catholic schools that has chosen more often to go with the tide of secular, public opinion rather than follow its Catholic mission. I do, however, still find enjoyment in watching Villanova basketball. Since I went to school there, it’s always had a spirited team and one of the classiest managers in college basketball.

Funnily enough, I started on this post yesterday, before the Villanova win prompted a mini-explosion of sad Jordan heads. Legend has it that the NBA superstar once declined to endorse the Democrat in a hot election, commenting that “Republicans buy sneakers, too.” Canonical or not, he’s been both praised and criticized for having said it.

Really both sides have merit, here.

If you strongly believe in something or someone, standing up and speaking out may be the right thing to do. Historically, just look at the American Civil Rights movement in the U.S. There were plenty of people (including Catholic priests) who joined their voices to the calls for desegregation and equality.

On the other hand, if you hitch yourself to any particular wagon, you should be ready to face the consequences, be they just or unjust. If you’re a business, these consequences may very well be financial, and this should come as no surprise.

The simple fact is, gamers come from all stripes of life. There are liberals, conservatives, libertarians, socialists, and guys who live in their moms’ basements. Atheists play games, Christians play games, and Buddhists play games. Like the general population, I’d venture to say that a large percentage of gamers are not overly political. And many of us are not interested in Social Justice.

Now yes, I’m sure there are bisexuals and pansexuals and transspecies, and polyamorists and wiccans who play games. And so if the Social Justice Warriors decide to include polygamist lesbian catfolk witches in their games, in the name of tolerance and so that more people can feel “comfortable” with games, they can have at that. I’m sure they’ll probably sell a few copies to such people, and a few others might buy such a title out of sheer curiosity. But many of us are not interested in political and cultural agendas in our entertainment, and one reason we play games is to escape such bullshit.

The SJW push on the gaming industry isn’t a super-recent occurrence, and it’s been one of the impeti behind Gamer Gate, the tragically misrepresented coalition of anti-PC gamers (who interestingly tend to bend more towards libertarian and liberal than conservative) that’s been inaccurately and repeatedly slandered as anti-woman.

Blizzard recently became entangled in such controversy when they decided to cater to the wishes of one Overwatch player who complained that a character’s victory pose was too sexualized.


A game about shooting the enemy team to death, and the guy is worried about his daughter seeing a character’s tight pants-clad butt. Ok.

Most recently, a new Baldur’s Gate expansion has come under fire. I don’t think many of us knew this series was still alive and kicking, but if the reception of Siege of Dragonspear is any indication, it may not be for much longer. It’s a shame, because I really enjoyed the first two entries in the series. But the developers now in charge of the property seem more concerned with righting previous wrongs (the first two games apparently advanced negative stereotypes of women, such as wives being naggy — those bastards!) and advancing their social causes than actually producing quality content.

The game is said to be riddled with bugs, for one. Second, we’re now seeing developers continue down the path that Dragon Age: Inquisition paved, with a random, vocal transsexual character. By all accounts this character was most inartfully implemeneted. Apparently he/she is a vendor who randomly and unabashedly tells you about his/her/xis gender life story.

Reminds me of vegans.



I’d venture to say that there are still more gamers out there who don’t give a crap about sexualized characters or clumsily-injected social agendas. People will buy your game if it’s fun and well-made, but censorship and political messages will turn some customers off enough to avoid your product. If you’re ok with that, fine. But you’d better not release a bug-addled mess and then blame the bigots who won’t buy your shit.




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