Tracer Pose Update

The Ralph Retort sees it as Blizzard trolling SJWs. I don’t know that it goes that far, but this was a smart response on the game developer’s part.

Forbes reports:

“The pose is no longer the “hot secret agent” pose that’s been plastered across a hundred movie posters and comic book covers over the years, and was deemed too generically sexy for Tracer’s quirky persona. But nor does it purposefully hide her rear-end either; it just shifts the pose so it more closely aligns with her character. And actually, it still is a little bit sexualized, as it’s directly inspired byan old school pin-up pose, the kind that used to be painted on the sides of warplanes. And, since Tracer was a pilot, that makes sense in that context, I suppose.”


I think the whole “quirky, spunky” personality thing is a little overblown, but what do I know? I haven’t even really followed Overwatch’s development (damn you for always passing over me with your alpha keys, Blizzard). As Forbes points out, there’s a good chance that this will satisfy both sides. The babies get their “quirk” and we still get a bit of cheek. Blizzard is one of the less inept game companies out there, so competently implementing an acceptable compromise would be no surprise. Still, never underestimate the left. We’ll see if this will satisfy the SJWs or not.




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