Crap Royale

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is starting to lose me. The $100 packs in the store are almost viscerally disgusting, despite that one can play at a relatively high level without sinking any cash into the game whatsoever. I was getting comfortable at level 70; building up my army, climbing the arena ranks. But now with the level cap moved to 80: meh. Playing the Galactic War mode is the most sure-fire way to get direly needed credits. Without gobs of credits, you can’t promote or level up your guys. But Galactic War requires a real chunk of time and brain power each day. And when a game starts to feel like a chore, I’m gone.

I’ve been playing a bit of Clash Royale. I win sometimes, but I lose a lot. Most of the time to opponents with this asshat.

Would love to wipe  that  smarmy smile off his face with a cement brick wrapped in sand paper.

I haven’t been blessed enough to draw him from a chest yet. There are ways to counter him, though some of them (I want to say “many” of them, but are there many ways to counter him?) involve other rare or epic cards, not all of which I have. You can drop a tombstone or a few low level mobs, but if your enemy has this fucker with a few levels or if he’s not a dumbass and drops something like a musketeer or giant or pecca with him, then you’re pretty much screwed unless you’ve got the epic skeleton mob (I do not). So QQ, maybe I’ll rage-quit.

Tomorrow I depart for South Carolina and a short vacation. Time to catch up on some mobile games and Witcher tales. If my compatriot decides to post something in my absence, drink in the sweet nectar of his wisdom whilst you can. He is like a wizard, and it is most difficult to predict his comings and goings. For my part, I’ll be back next week. Til then!






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