Sometimes I’m not sure that Kaiju is aptly-aliased. He’s a monster man, but more than that I think he’s a music elemental. But I’m not sure what an avatar of that nature would look like; probably like a traditional elemental but stupider . Maybe the concept is conveyable with some musical notes tossed in there.


There is a degree of joy and pride to be extracted from successful recommendations and introductions; whether it be getting two friends together who wind up hitting it off and pairing off, or being like “hey man, you should check out this show.” And then he does, and it’s totally up his alley.

Upon reflection, Kaiju has throughout our friendship introduced me to many formative elements of who I am now: crap beer, World of Warcraft, the written word of Rob E. Howard, and a number of my favorite bands.

All of this is my meandering lead-up to an acknowledgement of M83’s latest album, Junk.


I don’t know why there are fry kids on the cover. And normally M83 is pretty hit-or-miss for me. But this album is just easy to listen to, and I’ve done so several times since Kaiju linked it to me the other day. I dig the jazzy, synthy mash. “Moon Crystal” sounds exactly like generic 80’s TV show introduction music. And though I’m usually pretty cynical about the French, I find a little lyrical francais welcome now and then. There is a beauty to the sound of it that many other languages lack.




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