Bushes of Love

Hot Air just last night posted the latest Bad Lip Reading “Bernie vs. Hillary” video as a palate cleanser. As Allahpundit notes, many of the earlier BLR videos were just strange, yet often amusing gobbledygook. I enjoyed their Walking Dead rips; maybe it’s the voices that do it for me.

In case you’re wondering, there are ones taking aim at the GOP, as well. There’s a Republican Debate BLR, and one dedicated to Ted Cruz. I wonder why they haven’t done one for Trump yet. I guess either they’re saving that material for closer to the general, or else he just says so many outlandish things on his own that it’s a challenge to cobble together something like this for him.

Anyhow, my favorites of their stuff, by far, have been the Star Wars videos they’ve been putting out over the last couple of months.

Each  film’s BLR video contains its own little song, as well. These have been spun off into their own music videos, which I honestly listen to from time to time just because they’re super catchy songs. Still waiting on their Empire Strikes Back MV!







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