Studio C, liberal humor, and the culture

I used to watch College Humor and read Cracked (I won’t link that crap), back when they didn’t seem so overtly leftist. Or maybe it just took me a few years to see their biases, much as I didn’t see SNL for what it is until I was out of my teenage years.

It’s a shame, but the left owns the culture, as Andrew Klavan frequently points out. That’s a large part of what inspired this site. Leftist views are not mainstream. They’re not moderate. Yet they push and push and we lose ground. A few years ago we were fighting over same sex marriage, and it was pointed out that after it was normalized, next we’d have transgender and pedo normalization. The left threw up its hands and said that was an overblown slippery slope argument. And yet here we are, with leftists defending child molesters and men who want to use the little girl’s room.

There are Republican and conservative nerds out there. We buy video games and read comics. We work in IT. Not all Millennials are socialist d-bags. PC Bushi may not have a huge audience at the moment, but the target demo is out there. And we get sick of social justice-driven editorial pushed out my garbage heaps like Kotaku and Polygon, and of the leftist bent of DC and Marvel comics, and the condescending stupidity of Leonardo DiCaprio and the Hollywood crowd. As Curt Schilling’s recent firing from ESPN illustrates – we’re out there, and we’re living in a hostile environment.

The way to slow the onslaught is to fight back and provide intelligent, entertaining alternatives. That’s why I enjoy and support Louder with Crowder, Ben Shapiro, and Klavan on the Culture.

I recently discovered a sketch comedy troupe on YouTube called Studio C. So far as I can tell, they’re not conservative. But so far as I can tell, they’re also not leftist. I haven’t loved everything I’ve watched, but I have gotten some laughs out of some of their stuff. I just wanted to give them a plug as an alternative to the dregs I mentioned at the top of the article. Here are some of my favorite Studio C sketches:






5 thoughts on “Studio C, liberal humor, and the culture

  1. They’re leftists. After a little digging on instagram, I found out that one cast member for sure is. Stacey Harkey is a supporter of the “Black lives matter” movement, and Matt Meese is a big believer in the “gender gap.” So disappointed!

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      1. I know right? It looks like even Mormons aren’t always immune to leftist propaganda and cultural rot. :-( So bummed because I love Studio c.


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