Ball of Rage

Today’s Penny Arcade hits on a theme I’ve been feeling recently: that of soul-poisoning anger! I recently quit Clash Royale without much fanfare. I’ll take this opportunity to expound a bit. I eventually bought (with gold; woe unto me on the day when I open my wallet for this stuff) the Prince card that I had been bitching about. I also learned how to counter Princes well enough. There are ways to deal with most cards, though some combinations are problematic.

It wasn’t just that I was’t drawing the most popular/annoying epics (stupid skeleton army and witch). It wasn’t just that I was constantly matched up with twinks who were one or two levels up on me and so had consistently stronger cards. It wasn’t just that because of the match-ups, wins were getting rare and thus progression slow. The straw that blackened my vision and mind was the stupid little social function. There are a few emotes you can use, though there’s no other communication allowed between opponents. But it’s troll-enabling enough that you can spam a few laughs as you crush your antagonist. So after a few loses against higher-level opponents, yes, I found myself a bit tilted at being laughed at. Congrats, you beat someone with less experience and weaker cards/towers than you. Be proud!

I should have a thicker skin by now, but I suppose it builds up. I’ll try to retreat to a calmer game, but shoot me if I ever pick up Candy-anything.

Another unfortunate happening happed. Scott Kurtz of PvPOnline, friend of Penny Arcade, also known as Binwin Bronzebottom when playing D&D, lit a fire on Twitter. Twitter fires are like gas fires – they spread quickly. I thought I had a productive interaction with the guy (fuller convo here, since WordPress doesn’t like to embed entire conversations).

An hour or two later he was railing against Gamergame, though. Most people can’t be boxed and categorically identified, as I admitted. I do find it a shame that he doesn’t see SJW as a pejorative and thinks Gamergame is about harassment and sexism. That’s an unfortunate mischaracterization, perpetuated by leftist outlets like Kotaku and Polygon and repeated by some journalists and opinion leaders who are only familiar with the issue in passing. I still like Binwin, but dang.

At any rate, if you don’t know what Gamergate is and are curious you can know this – the Left brands it as a hate group. It identifies as a group dedicated to integrity and transparency in gaming journalism, and has also morphed into an anti-political correctness movement. Judge as you will.

The stuff with Scott didn’t really make me rage out, but Twitter’s been a little intense recently, what with all the Trumpiness going on. I was called a Marxist traitor the other day by one unhinged fan (Marxist because I don’t support tariffs and protectionism, naturally). And he embedded some crazy meme about traitors deserving to be shot before enemies. It gets scary when you start seeing honest-to-goodness white supremacists and neo-nazis in your conversations. I kid you not, I was seeing dudes with Hitler and swastika avatars. Props to the public figures who put up with that shit.

Thankfully the weekend approaches, and soon there will be unwinding with friends and with Stardew Valley. Maybe I should take a break from Twitter, too.




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