This is fine

There’s a comic out there in the internet ether that’s been floating around for a while, and I think is fitting for today:


So Trump is our GOP nominee. Kasich hasn’t officially dropped out yet, but meh. I did see a Kasich-related tweet last night that at least gave me a chuckle amid the gnashing of teeth and shredding of garments.

Damn that Mario Party. What a bullshit game.

At any rate, now is the time for me to throw up my hands and utter that banal refrain: I didn’t leave the GOP, the GOP left me.

I’ve already attempted to change my party affiliation, but apparently my state’s voter registration is closed for a little while. So I’ll be changing to the big (I) when it reopens. In and of itself, that won’t mean anything to anyone. I do hope Trump’s nomination spurs a notable amount of defections from the Republican party, though. It won’t be a large amount, but enough to make a statement would provide some mote of satisfaction.

There are prominent conservative thought leaders like Dennis Prager who intensely dislike Trump, but have proclaimed they will support him over Hillary. Now that he’s the nominee, they get the honor of hoisting that banner. For me, it’s not a binary choice and it’s my loyalty to conservatism over my loyalty to the GOP. I’ll vote for a third party before I vote for a liberal crony capitalist. And when the choice is between two NY liberals, it’s a false one.


Along with the likes of Ben Shapiro, George Will, Glenn Beck, and many other conservatives of large and small renown, I will not vote for Trump. There are all sorts of arguments to be made about morality, the strategic importance of protecting conservatism, etc. I accept and agree with a lot of that stuff. For me it mostly boils down to that fact that I think Trump is a thuggish, lying scumbag, and I wouldn’t vote for him if he had a (D) next to his name. Him co-opting the Republican party shouldn’t change that. He is statist, protectionist, isolationist, and probably pro-choice.

Besides, the smarmy, smug, Trump-supporting alt-right holds nothing but disdain for conservatives. Just look at the fight going on between Milo Yiannopolos (whom I used to admire) and Ben Shapiro.

These people proclaim they don’t need conservatives; that we had our chance and that we’ve been run over by the Trump Train. In the same breath they tell us to get on board. Um, no. In what (democratic) world do you bully and browbeat someone, and then ask them to join you and support your guy? “Fuck you, now please give us your vote.”

Trump is your guy. If you think he’s bringing in so many new voters and attracting Democrats across the aisle, you can win with him and then kudos to you. If he wins, we’ll see if he’s as bad as I think he’ll be. And if the guy you nominated almost soley because “he’s a winner” loses, sure, you can blame the #NeverTrump crowd. But you picked the guy, and he lost.

At least I don’t really have to care about the next six months. We’re getting screwed either way. But it’s fine. Because people are angry, you see. So. Fine.





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