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Last year I wrote about the various podcasts that I’d been listening to, and there’s been some shake-up since then. For those readers who may be interested in delving into the world of the pod or those who are open to checking out some new shows, perhaps I’ll be able to expand your world ever so slightly.

First, some podcasts I mentioned last time that have been shuffled/dropped:

stuff you should knowStuff You Should Know

Honestly, this podcast is a bit like listening to two guys read off a Wikipedia page. It can be interesting and you do learn some fun facts, but sometimes they’ll be covering a topic you actually know something about and you’ll notice a fact that they’ll get wrong or they’ll mispronounce something, and…it’s not really that big a deal, but I found it irksome, and there are other podcasts I find more educational or entertaining. I wouldn’t tell people to steer clear, but this one may be hit or miss. I don’t listen to it anymore.

planetmoneyPlanet Money

I do still listen to this one on occasion. Episodes are pretty short, which is a plus. I’m always leery of listening to NPR, because they’re so obviously left-leaning, but Planet Money usually does a fair job at either avoiding politics or remaining neutral. A quality podcast, but has fallen down my list of priorities.


TimFerrissShowArt1400x1400The Tim Ferriss Show

As I slowly work my way through this guy’s The 4-Hour Chef, I find that I don’t really listen to his podcast anymore. A neighbor that we’re friends with put it nicely – Tim Ferriss is an interesting guy, but it’s very hard to tell if he’s a shyster or the real deal. A lot of his tips are useful, but sometimes you’ll Google a claim he makes and find everyone disputing it. Maybe they’re just doing it wrong? Anyway, his interviews with “successful people” can be interesting, but I often find his advice to be a little less than accessible. I feel like most people don’t have the financial resources to take a lot of the business advice he suggests.

tech guyThe Tech Guy

I still visit Leo’s website now and then to read through the questions he’s been receiving and answering. A while ago, though, he got a question about Gamergate and wrote them off as harassers. That kind of turned me off to him, so I don’t listen to his podcast anymore.


Now my current lineup:

crowderLouder with Crowder

I know I’ve been listening to Crowder for more than a year now, but I see he wasn’t on last year’s list. Not sure how that oversight occurred, but let’s not repeat it! Louder with Crowder is a great weekly radio show/podcast from young comedian and conservative Steven Crowder. He focuses on cultural issues, but often spills over into politics (politics is downstream of culture, after all).


The Andrew Klavan Show

Klavan is another conservative who runs in the same circles as Crowder and Shapiro (who’s next up). He provides political analysis with a sharp wit and quick laugh. Klavan and Shapiro joke that the former is the optimist and the later the doomsayer. This one is usually 30-40 minutes long and comes out daily Monday-Thursday.


The Ben Shapiro Show

Shapiro is an extremely intelligent lawyer, writer, and speaker who specializes in political and cultural analysis. He’s also a Millennial, so score one for us, though we are on the whole a heavily disappointing generation. Conservative, religious, sharp, and pessimistic, Shapiro hits all the right notes. He broadcasts on weekdays and posts podcasts after each show.

Am ConAmerican Conservative University

American Conservative University is a semi-replacement for the Townhall review. It grabs the highlights of conservative radio hosts like Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Glenn Beck, etc. I don’t listen to every single episode, but there’s a lot of good material to be found.



On to tech! A few months ago I discovered Podnutz – a series of shows focusing on computer repair and running/starting up a computer-related small business. My favorite show is the Podnutz Computer Repair Podcast, which usually features three regular hosts and the occasional guest. They generally talk about any interesting recent repairs or experiences they’ve had, answer some fan questions, and then delve into a particular topic for each show. There’s also a Podnutz Daily (it’s not daily, though) show, with a slightly different format, and a number of other irregular affiliated podcasts. Highly recommended if you’re into IT!


Programming Throwdown

I’m not a coder. I know a bit of HTML and I’ve only barely dipped by toes into real programming languages like Python and Ruby. And yet I enjoy this podcast. The two hosts are funny and entertaining, and even though I don’t understand a lot of their programmer speak, I have fun listening anyway. And sometimes I’ll learn of an interesting book or app to check out from their “B-b-b-b-book of the show” and “App of the show.” They’re nerds, so sometime we get to hear about scifi novels or games.

Bonus shows:

defensiveDefensive Security Podcast

This is another IT podcast that I was listening to for a while. I stopped not for any real shortcoming of the show, but moreso because I just don’t have enough time to listen to everything. If you’re interested in a career in Cybersec, this is a great one to listen to.



I listened to JapanPod101 a bit back when I was studying Japanese, and now that I have a Thai girlfriend I listen to this one now and then. I wish there were more/better-organized lessons for beginner grammar and vocab, but these are still relatively high-quality and accessible mini lessons. If you’re studying a foreign language, I believe there are a wide variety of ~Pod101 podcasts: German, Italian, Chinese, French, English, Hindi, Persian, etc.

Not everyone has time to listen to podcasts, and some people prefer to just listen to music all the time. But if you’re curious and want to learn something during your commute or while you’re doing busy work, consider giving one of the above a shot!






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