A Weird Manifesto

An interesting musing by Misha Burnett on “the weird”:


H P Lovecraft, in his seminal essay “Supernatural Horror In Literature”, wrote:

The true weird tale has something more than secret murder, bloody bones, or a sheeted form clanking chains according to rule. A certain atmosphere of breathless and unexplainable dread of outer, unknown forces must be present; and there must be a hint, expressed with a seriousness and portentousness becoming its subject, of that most terrible conception of the human brain–a malign and particular suspension or defeat of those fixed laws of Nature which are our only safeguard against the assaults of chaos and the daemons of unplumbed space.

I consider that a fitting definition.  The word “weird” comes from the Old English “wyrd”, which means to control or to shape fate.  The Norns, who spun, measured, and cut the thread of human lives, were called The Weird Sisters.

To enter a weird tale is to put yourself into…

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