Disney morality: now and then

My girlfriend’s been bugging me for a while to watch Frozen, and I will one of these days. I’ve seen clips of it before and of course no one can avoid that song, but I don’t get that psyched for most Disney movies these days. I’m not convinced it’s an age thing.

Ben Shapiro brought up an interesting point on his show yesterday, about how Frozen reflects how Disney, and perhaps America, has changed its tune on morality over the years. Conspiracy or no, the Left has really done a bang-up job co-opting both education and entertainment media the past few decades.

First, let’s have a look at Disney’s Pinocchio, from 1940. Jiminey Cricket advises the titular puppet-boy that in order to be real, he has to walk the straight and narrow path and always do what’s right. And when in doubt, always let your conscience be your guide. ♪

Contrast that with the lyrics we get in Let It Go, which is probably the most popular children’s song out there right now.


Absolute freedom. No right or wrong. If you think there’s any absolute truth or rigid morality, you must be intolerant, right? Hell of a thing to be teaching our children.

Once again, do yourself a favor and check out the Ben Shapiro show for more cheerful insights like this one.




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