Joining the Guild

The Guild of Dungeoneering dropped at the end of last week for iOS, and I’ve been playing it a little bit here and there.


It’s basically a little card-strategy-RPG-sim-type(?) game. You play the role of some kind of unscrupulous shyster who wants to build up a guild of expendable chumps to raid dungeons and bring him treasure.

Touch Arcade’s review is pretty spot-on, so I’d recommending giving that a read. I think in particular, Carter’s right about the luck factor. Sometimes you’ll start a run, get a bunch of bad dungeon cards, and not be able to get to your objective. Or you’ll have an early battle against a chump monster that you should win, except your ungeared lowbie just doesn’t have the cards to deal with magic damage or some such. Again, this isn’t game-breaking; just can be an annoyance to lose a character with sweet battle scar perks and hardly get any gold.

I do find that perhaps the most frustrating. Right now, for example, I’m at the “boss stage” of a couple of dungeons, and my adventurers are having a little bit of a tough time. Unlocking some new gear would help, but the next tier of gear is expensive and I’m not getting much gold at all for failed runs. And you can’t repeat cleared (easier) dungeons, so I either need a lucky run or else to just keep sending in cannonfodder to bring me back fistfulls of gold. Update: Having played a bit more, you do unlock the ability to repeat old (randomized) bosses stages when you clear a region, so that’s something.

Luckily, thus far the game is fun and charming, so I haven’t gotten bored with the repetitiveness yet. The sound and music are great, so if you have the option to play with audio on or with headphones, go for it. While the graphics aren’t anything amazing, they seem lovingly-crafted and full of personality. The narrator is funny, and the whole game has a witty silliness about it. The bosses and your adventurers offer little remarks and taunts between turns, and each classes’ battle cards reflect their individual persona.

Personally, the bruiser has become my favorite class so far. In addition to being defense-focused, which is an interesting way to play, he/she has a “British hooligan” type flavor that I find super amusing.

As the TA review noted, this game is probably better on iPad. I have an iPhone 6, and though I can play it and see everything fine, and “misclicking” hasn’t been an issue, there have been a couple times where I was tired and wanted to play but just didn’t feel like trying to read small text. The ability to zoom in would be a boon here.

Anyway, if this sounds interesting to you, you’ll probably enjoy it. Even if there are a few flaws here, the Guild of Dungeoneering is a solid iOS entry, and I hope we see more from this team.

Now here, enjoy this intro song:





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