Dragons, crusades, witchers, and chaos

Greetings, friends. It’s been a busy day of troubleshooting, but I wanted to bang out a quick update about what’s in the pipeline.

As I turn the dial on Heroes of the Storm down to a 1 or 2, I gain some room for other pursuits.


On one track, I’m revisiting the Witcher. I read the Last Wish maybe a couple years ago, having been a big fan of the PC game. Now that the Sword of Destiny is out, I’m told by The Internet that I can proceed to the next nugget. So that’s on the shortlist of what I’ll be reading next. Meanwhile, I’m trying to speed-walk my way through the Witcher 2 for maybe the 3rd or 4th time. I think I’ve finally got the controls set up in such a way that combat feels challenging but not frustratingly difficult on Normal mode. I’m eager to get to the Witcher 3, so I think this time I’ll actually make it all the way through.

I’ve finished rereading the Dragon and the George, which I wrote a little bit about recently. I very much enjoyed the second readthrough, and would say once again that although it didn’t make the cut, so to speak, with Appendix N, in my opinion it’s certainly a great read and a worthy entry in the (g)old catalog of pre-70’s SFF. I intend to write more on the Dragon Knight books after I get to reading the titular second book in the series. Top that off with some Cirsova #2.

At the moment I’m reading the High Crusade. HP over at Every Day Should Be Tuesday just wrote up a review of this one, which I’m avoiding until I finish (which shouldn’t be too long; it’s a thin book). This is my introduction to Anderson, and so far I’m liking it. It’s amusing and in some ways funny without being silly or comical. There are two or more other Anderson books I’d like to read in the near-medium term future, and so far this bodes well.


I also picked up Chaos Reborn on Steam the other day, because of course it was on sale for like $6. I played through the tutorial and am intrigued by the hex-based tactical nature of play combined with deck-building (cards, like butter, make everything better) and wizard-customization elements. There are a lot of little moving parts that could make this an intriguing and deep game while at the same time being relatively easy to learn and play. I think I’ll try the campaign and perhaps quick battle mode or whatever it’s dubbed, and maybe I’ll write more then.



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