Trash of Clans

I am a garbage person and I play garbage games. I rode the Clash of Clans ride a couple years ago, and now I am sampling Battle Champs.

I usually can’t bring myself to play these never-ending F2P games for more than a few months; they just demand too much time and babysitting, and eventually it begins to feel like more of a chore than a game. And now with so much to read, and Witchering to be done…

But dang, those JRPGish sprites and FF Tactics-esque portraits are alluring.





2 thoughts on “Trash of Clans

  1. Preach it, Brothe Bushi. My brothers sucked me into Clash as an excuse to do something as a family. We’re all older, with kids, scattered across six timeczones, so it worked well. Mote contact with them than I’ve had in years. It was nice until half ofvthem bailed and now I’m stuck on the treadmill.


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