The Grand List preview

I’ve been hard at work the past couple days compiling nerdcronomiconal syllabi into one great list. A Grand List, one might say.

It’s unclear to me whether such a resource would be of general interest or aid to anyone, or if it shall act mostly as a map and itinerary of my own journey through Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Lo, a teaser!


The rows are plentiful, approaching 300.

In the near-term I shall be exploring hosting options. Maybe Google Docs will be sufficient? The main obstacle I’ve run into is that Google Docs seem to retain certain personal info relating to the document’s author. And my true identity is , for now, a closely guarded secret!



9 thoughts on “The Grand List preview

    1. Haha, indeed. The main reason is because I live in a liberal area and work at a liberal organization, and right now I value relative job security. The Left is pretty ruthless in trying to banish its foes from civilized society, so this feels a necessity. Someday when I’m more well-established and living in a red state, I may not care. Anon woooot!


    1. Also by Piper for Traveller, I would recommend Uller Uprising and The Cosmic Computer. They were the basis for a great campaign I played in back around 79-80. What type of information would you need for a source? I believe that Space Viking, Uller Uprising, Cosmic Computer and Little Fuzzy were all published by Ace at that time.

      I would also recommend Zelazny’s This Immortal, even though it never leaves Earth.

      PCBushi, your Grand List is fascinating. Thanks for putting that together.



      1. Thanks John! I just would like to have some source book or website to reference if possible. For now I’ll just add this comment as a tentative source.

        I’m glad the list is of interest!


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