The past week or two have been a little quiet here, I know. Well, my wife moved in and I’ve been interviewing for a new job, so something’s gotta give. Or some things.

Not only have I been playing less Heroes lately, but I’ve had less motivation and energy to do so. I suppose this bodes ill for when I start having kids. I may just collapse in on myself, a dusty, leathery, masticated husk. Well, at least I was able to claw my way to level 20 with Nova. Whether that’s an accomplishment or a mark of shame I know not.


I’m still crawling along in Witcher 3. “Crawling” may be an exaggeration. Whatever method of locomotion slugs employ would probably be a more apt term.

Stardew Valley is still drawing my eye. I was excited for the latest update. And yet I feel stuck. My old save file feels foreign and clumsy, like a forgotten article of clothing that no longer fits. But the implications of starting a new game also scare me. So much work to do. And while Penny and Leah beg to be wooed, what of my waifu Haley? We barely spent any time together as husband and wife.

Maybe that paralysis is the primary driver of my jump back into Starbound. Which is quite different from the Early Access version I remember in some ways. I mean it’s still Terraria in space, but now there are actually quests and a storyline and stuff. Meh. I just want to find phat loot and build a cool colony. But these damn monsters and long drops keep killing me and then I have to spend 15 minutes running back to where I died to get my crap back.

What an interesting time to be alive.

Oh, I still haven’t really touched that Gordon Dickson book, but I’m making my way steadily through the first Amber entry. So far so good!




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