The birth of a bushi

I’m happy to welcome a new contributor to the blog – Gitabushi, otherwise known as Nathan Alexander. NA has been a Twitter crony of ours for a while now, and he’s talked about getting back into writing. Given that he’s thoughtful, intelligent, and all sorts of nerd (and also a fellow asiaphile), I figured he’d fit in over here.

I was going to introduce him as another music geek and SFF junkie, but he had this to add (that teaches me to ask if I’m missing anything):

“Pre-WWII battle rifles. Strategic board/wargames. Geopolitical analysis. Linguistics. Games Theory applied to real-world problems. Kansas City Chiefs. Relationships (differences between men and women, and how to help both understand each other better). Parenting. Philosophy.”

Yeah, he’ll be right at home here.

Welcome, NA.





9 thoughts on “The birth of a bushi

      1. Not a foolish question. I had both meanings in mind, actually, since I originally intended the blog to be more focused on tech/games and culture/politics. Then I discovered classic and pulp SFF and that got shot to hell. =P

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