Guitar Lust, Intro –Gitabushi

Thanks to PCBushi for the warm welcome.

We are in a golden age for guitar ownership and playing. Guitarbuilding experience and advanced computer fabrication technology have combined to make it possible to produce good quality guitars for very little money almost anywhere.

Almost everywhere electric guitars have been made, the same process has been followed: the first products are low quality, with poor standardization and substandard craftsmanship. As the laborers increase in skill, quality guitars are made and sold, but due to poor reputation, the increase in quality isn’t recognized. With increased skill, however, comes increased costs in the form of higher salaries and more expensive materials as the host nation’s advancement and growing wealth stimulate an increase in the cost of everything. Then 90% production moves overseas to another location where labor is cheap, and the process begins again in the new country, but the 10% of production that remains in the first country becomes known as a high-quality instrument, and the guitars are priced accordingly.

It is arguable that this actually started in the United States. The original guitars made by Les Paul and Fender are collector’s items and highly sought. But those are the best ones. Most of the guitars made in the late 50s are probably atmospheric carbon by now. But without a doubt, the process absolutely started in Japan. Then moved to Korea and Taiwan. Then mainland China. And now Indonesia.  But the initial products of these successive nations improved due to lessons learned, increased quality control methods, and computer fabrication, to the point that many Made in Indonesia guitars sound, look, and play every bit as good as boutique Made in the USA models.

I love guitars.

I love all sorts of guitars. I love old guitars, and I love new guitars.  I’ve researched extensively into a handful of different guitar lines, enough to be sort of an authority on a few. I’ve bought and sold over 200 guitars over the last 7 years, searching for the perfect guitar, learning about different guitar lines.

I’m never satisfied. There are always new guitars lines to check out. There are always other pretty guitars to look at. There are always cool and innovative functions I’ve never tried; or tried, sold, and want to obtain again.

I am filled with Guitar Lust. But I am tired of buying and selling guitars, so it is time to switch to enjoying guitars vicariously.  I will probably contribute any number of different topics to this blog, but the main feature I intend to return to every Tuesday and Thursday is an exploration of Guitar Lust.

A few ground rules.

  1. Do not expect me to be fair/balanced. These are the guitars I lust after, not you. If you already lust after them, too, great! If you develop some Lust after reading these pages, even better!  But inevitably, some guitar you love will not make my list. If that bothers you, write your own blog.
  2. I have a few guitar companies that I favor. Expect a heavy dose of Hamer, Yamaha, Alvarez, Fernandes, Rainsong, and Jon Kammerer. This is because these are the guitars I’ve owned most, so I have greater personal knowledge of why they are lust-worthy guitars.
  3. I won’t restrict myself to guitars that I’ve owned, however, because there are three main reasons to Lust after a guitar, in my opinion: a) rarity; b) value (tone, function, playability; c) prettiness

The first guitar I talk about will be the Brownsville Choir Boy, on Thursday. Mark you calendars now!



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