Have a Great #MAGA Day

I have lots of wide-ranging thoughts this morning, since Trump won the Presidency.

Now that he’s won, it doesn’t feel that bad, actually.

I still think a Constitutionalist would have been better, and I still think we need a Constitutionalist. On the other hand, the GOPe would still have joined with Democrats to oppose a President Cruz, and a President Rubio would have given up the United States to colonization in return for short-term power. With President Trump, the GOPe was weakened and damaged.  Maybe they’ll learn they need to put constituent priorities ahead of their own again?  Maybe not, but the point is, maybe we needed a populist first, so we can have a more effective Constitutionalist.  Meaning, it will be helpful to President Mike Lee (or maybe still Cruz, who knows) to break the Elitist conspiracy against conservatives first, so that there will be less resistance to the shift back to Constitutional governance.

I’m not exactly happy Trump won.

However, as a former Federal Records custodian, I’m gratified that someone who deliberately broke Federal Records laws in order to conceal her corrupt actions from the citizenry will not have authority over the FBI that will investigate her, nor over the DoJ that should prosecute her.

As an Intelligence Professional, I’m pleased that someone whose greed and short-sighted ambition led her to use methods that disclosed mountains of vital National Secrets to our enemies will not be the top Classification Authority, and will not be the Executive who prosecutes other disclosures (whether inadvertent or deliberate). She had no credibility or moral authority whatsoever to be in charge of our national Intelligence apparatus.

And as a patriot, I’m thrilled that someone who sold the power of her office, particularly the National Power of our foreign diplomacy, for crass material gain and profit to her cronies, will not be President. I truly consider her actions as Secretary of State to be treason. I find it unlikely she will ever be tried for such, but she should be, and the evidence is sufficient that she should be found guilty.  The damage she has done to the US foreign policy will take decades to recover, if ever. The damage she has done to the integrity of our institutions will take decades to recover, if ever.  Yes, Obama was part and parcel of that damage, as well, but the MSM has made sure their Lord and Savior was untouchable.  They tried to pass that invulnerability to Hillary Clinton, but failed.  The life of the Nation has a chance to survive, now.

I hope the GOP and/or Donald Trump enthusiastically investigates and prosecutes vote fraud.  I have to admit I’m a little surprised Clinton didn’t have enough fraudulent votes lined up to give her the win.  I half-believed Trump was correct when he said the election was rigged in her favor. The Project Veritas revelations and the Wikileaks revelations made it clear she was doing everything she could to cheat. The MSM was doing everything they could to not notice fraud and cover up any leaks of it.  Heck, we know the dead voted in large numbers in Chicago in 1960 and may well have given the election to JFK.  Since election identity laws have only weakened since then, and since the development of big data facilitates the effectiveness of targeted vote fraud, why would the Democrats stop what worked once?

For the future of our nation, one of the first things Trump needs to do with the GOP Congress is clean up our voting processes to prevent fraud.

I have no real hope that Trump will be another Reagan. I fully expect that we will see fumbles and unforced errors in diplomacy, military endeavors, foreign policy in general, in economic leadership, in immigration policy (where I expect Trump to flip and allow amnesty while doing little to enforce existing immigration laws or stop the flow of illegal aliens), etc.  I fully expect we won’t see any move to shrink the size or power of the Federal Government under Trump.  However, just the fact that neither Obama nor Clinton chooses Scalia’s replacements is a clear and unambiguous win.  At the risk of seeming ghoulish, President Trump could also end up with the opportunity to appoint as many as 3 more SCOTUS Justices.  It helps that the GOP has retained control of the Senate, and that they will expand their control of the Senate in 2018.  Sure, it would be far better if President Cruz were making those nominations, but if Trump listens to good advisors on this issue, the US will benefit from the President making these nominations not being a corrupt Leftist Democrat like Hillary Clinton.

I have no idea what to think about the 2020 POTUS election now. I originally thought no matter who won, Cruz should challenge in 2020.  I actually flirted with the idea of supporting Hillary on the grounds that Cruz would have a better chance of winning after four years of Hillary corruption and incompetence than trying to challenge the Trump Cult of Personality.  Of course, it will depend on how the next 4 years go, but Cruz might benefit from being seen as opposing President Trump at times as a leader in the Senate, then running in 2024 as either a marked change from Trump’s version of the GOP (if Trump wins re-election) or against a weak Democrat (since they have no bench) who only won in 2024 because Trump failed in these next 4 years.  Cruz would still be quite young in eight years, and should have additional legislative victories he can point to. Or he could even run for governor in Texas and time it to have enough experience to run for POTUS in 2024.

But now I don’t know.  Maybe Cruz’ chance to be POTUS is past.  The GOP has a deep bench, and there are others who can carry the Constitutional standard as easily as Cruz, and maybe more effectively.  4 years is an eternity in politics, 8 years is impossible to predict.

I have little hope the Trump supporters will be gracious winners. I am concerned that they will seek retribution on any/all NeverTrump individuals instead of focusing on the persuadable Centrists and defeating the Leftist agenda.  I’m concerned that actual Constitutionalist conservatives who were targeted by Federal Powers for opposing Obama will still be targeted by Federal Powers, but for being insufficiently enthusiastic in support of Trump.

I said a few times I was more on Team Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys than I was on Team Never Trump.  But now the meaning “Never Trump” has changed for me.  I voted for Trump, and I will likely vote for him again 2020, but I’m Never Trump in that I will never bow to him.  He is not even close to being one who can save America, and I object to what seems like an impulse to deify him the way Leftists deified Obama.  Trump will not Make America Great Again.  The best he could do is stay out of the way and reduce Federal Government impedance to hard-working citizens making America great again, but I don’t think Trump is constitutionally capable of being that hands-off. He wants to use Federal Government power, and his supporters seem eager to have him use Federal Government power to push their preferred outcomes.  If he does, however, I am convinced it will make things worse.

Finally, #MAGA is now an adjective to me.  It can be used as a synonym for “great” or “awesome”, but will be used more often as a synonym for the sarcastic version of those, and will be used most often as an adjective for “f**k’n” and/or “f**k”.


5 thoughts on “Have a Great #MAGA Day

  1. Great post.
    I have to admit, I am looking forward to the next 4 years just to see what actually happens. I don’t foresee Trump getting another term, but he’ll certainly bust some things open. For good or bad :-)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks.
      Yeah, it won’t be as bad as some people think it will be, nor as good as other people think it will be.
      It will be also interesting to see if he decides not to run for election.
      As well as if he embraces the challenges of being President or delegates everything, or something in between. Each of those choices will yield wildly different outcomes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I concur, again :-)

        I had to unfollow a couple of people today because they were just spewing vitriol and hatred at Trump voters, not Trump mind you, but those who voted for him. If one’s reaction to not getting one’s way [ie, losing the election] is to act out, that is not the kind of person I want to be following.


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