The way of the gods

I’ve almost had my fill of Stardew Valley, though not quite yet. It’s one of those games where there’s really a ton to do, but once you’ve seen it all…well, you can always invest hundreds of hours into making YouTube videos, I guess (I say semi-jokingly, as I actually like this guy’s vids).

The game is a bit fuller and more adult than the Harvest Moon series, but again, once you’ve gotten all the cutscenes…there’s not really much more there.

Is it wrong for me to keep gifting beer to Shane?

While playing yesterday, my character went to bed on a night like any other, except I was presented with a rather plain black screen and some text asking if I’d like to have a baby. I chose the affirmative, and then the game continued on as it always does. I guess that means I’ll be an in-game daddy at some point?

After a while I started itching for some non-farming gameplay. None of my Heroes of the Storm friends play on weekends, it seems, and I haven’t been in a very Witchery mood recently. Time for another foray into super complicated strategy, perhaps?

Yup. I’ve been sitting on Dominions IV for a while. It caught my eye and went on sale some time ago, but it looked pretty intimidating. Still, I got into Crusader Kings 2; anything else should be accessible at this point.

I only played for a couple of hours, but I think I’ve got the gist. It strikes me as one of those games that one doesn’t fully learn in one or two playthroughs.

The graphics are certainly dated, but that’s forgivable when you look at what’s going on here.


DIV is a strategy game about the contention of pretender gods for the Throne – that is, to become the new chief god of the world. There are a butt ton of customization options. I think you can create your own nation and god. But there are also presets to work with. Just to give you a taste, each nation has its own flavor. There are ones whose armies consist mainly of animals. There are nations of giants, dwarves, and mermen. Some excel at magic or have particularly strong priests. I chose a nation of Rome-like dudes who employ lines of skirmishers, shielded infantry, and pikemen. In a pinch, they can deploy skilled gladiators, but they aren’t regular troops and will only stick around for one battle. They also have holy nobles who take to the field as cavalry units. Oh, and lizardmen are part of their forces too, for some reason. For my god, I choose the avatar of the God of the Underworld. So in battle, he’s this giant Roman god-looking dude who runs around shooting magic and beating up enemies. Some of the other avatar choices were similar-looking deities, but I also could have chosen a fountain of blood or some other weird stuff.

Battles seem to play out on a Total War-ish field, but you don’t assume direct control of your units. Instead, you assign most of the grunt-level guys to commanders. Different commanders can handle different amounts of unit and squads. You can then assign each squad individual orders, like telling them to attack at range and keep their distance, or fire off a couple volleys and then engage the nearest enemies in melee, or you can assign certain squads to defend their commander. There’s really a lot of depth to it.

Then there’s province management, research, magic, crafting, and all kinds of other good stuff that I’m sure I’ve only skimmed the surface of. It’s good to be a gamer!




2 thoughts on “The way of the gods

  1. “Is it wrong for me to keep gifting beer to Shane?”

    I like how the woman on the left is smiling. I’m playing this game right now, by the way. It’s a nice way to waste a lot of hours.

    Dominions is cool, but I’ve read it’s much better in multiplayer. From the same guys, I prefer Conquest of Elysium, which is more rogue-like and less strategic, but I think it’s a more accessible game. It also has many of the same races and, for many little reasons, the game has a strong old D&D flavor.

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    1. Yeah, it’s a nice little stress reliever after pounding the desk over MOBA or strategy game losses.

      I’ve also read Dominions is better for multiplayer, but I don’t know anyone else who plays. For the moment I’m enjoying it, though we’ll see how long it takes to get sick of the AI. I also don’t really like playing turn-based games like this with people, because then you have to wait for that guy who takes 2 hours to end his turn.

      Hmmm, I’ll check out Elysium. Thanks for mentioning it!


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