Taking stock

I don’t write much about my personal life here – mainly because I’m an anonymous internet troll, and my story mainly involves caves and butting heads with other trolls (and occasional people). But today I celebrate another year on this earth, and so I’m feeling a little contemplative.

I’m not where I’d like to be in life, which is not an uncommon situation. But still, I have much to be grateful for. Though my finances are among my chief stress-inducers, I’m well off enough that I can eat. I have a pretty decent home-built computer, and I have a bountiful supply of books. Though I’m not at an ideal job, I’ve found a career I enjoy. That’s not nothing!

My wife and I have been preparing for our delayed wedding celebration, which will be held next month. So there’s that. And (excuse me if I get sappy for a moment) – she’s the blessing I’d been praying for for years.

I’m lucky to have great family – my mother has been a bastion of strength and wisdom throughout the years, and to her in part do I owe my interest in SFF and a good amount of handed-down books.

I’ve also been blessed with true and good friends. I’m proud to count our own Kaiju prominently among them. And a woot to him for his Hugo nomination! Congrats, buddy. I always knew HP had superior taste. ;)

More recently, I’ve been fortunate to discover a whole new world of literature. I remember my dad used to keep old Tarzan and Conan books in our basement. Sadly many of those have been lost to the ages, and so I’ve been working on my own collection. I’ve plugged Cirsova and Jeffro many times already as having catalyzed this, in addition to Kaiju. It’s been awesome to discover other blogs dedicated to these older gems and greats, and to see new ones cropping up. I’ll have to do another post soon highlighting some of what I’ve found.

Related to that, an apology to anyone who enjoys my literary musings – I’ve slowed a little and I imagine my pace will remain a bit languid until after the wedding stuff is behind me. Still, will check in and share my thoughts as time permits.

Thanks for reading, y’all!




6 thoughts on “Taking stock

    1. Thanks, John! Sometimes when you’re feeling overwhelmed or down, the best thing is to remind yourself of the goods in your life. Can be easy to lose sight of all the ways in which we’re fortunate.


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