Health Theory: No Whites Allowed

  • by Gitabushi

I was thinking yesterday how sugar is really bad for the human body in so many ways.  It overtaxes our insulin system.  It turns easily into fat. It feeds the bad microbes in our gut. It is addictive.

We crave it so much, however, because it is concentrated energy, and easy energy makes everything easier when you are scrabbling for every calorie you can…which was the norm for most of human history, but not as helpful in age of plenty and Justin Bieber.

I decided to try to swear off refined sugar again.

But refined (white) flour is also considered pretty bad for your body, for many of the same reasons as white sugar.  It is a carbohydrate, and so your body converts it into sugar with almost no effort at all, and it impacts your body like sugar.

So maybe I should swear off that, too.

But is that enough?  Refined (white) rice is not only widely considered stupid, but also is pointed out as being bad for your health almost as much as refined flour.

And along with that thought came the realization that many restaurants now offer baked and french-fried sweet potatoes as a healthier alternative to white potatoes.

So now I’m considering just dropping all white starches from my diet, to the maximum extent possible, and replacing them with their brown or whole-grain alternative: no sweets, or brown sugar treats only; whole grain flour noodles and bread; brown rice, and sweet potatoes and yams.

It seems like making that switch could a) immediately improve your health, b) make weight loss and maintenance easier, c) give you some street cred with the SJW movement if you announce your moral diet purity with the proper supercilious air, and d) contribute to the end of Justin Bieber’s celebrity.



7 thoughts on “Health Theory: No Whites Allowed

  1. It’s certainly healthier for you. But I’m never switching to sweet potato anything in place of regular potatoes.

    Also you’re still a wicked rascist. You didn’t swear off of white turkey meat and claim to now only eat the dark meat. So your street cred with THIS SJW is totally bogus. Cause you know how much of an SJW I truly am, on the inside :-D

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