Health Care Issue and Resolution in a Nutshell

  • by Gitabushi

Maybe I don’t need to write this, so soon after this article.

However, I think this sums up the entire health care problem, and identifies the best solution, in one paragraph:

Health care resources are limited, demand (and cost, theoretically) is unlimited. The math means you can’t afford as much health care as you want.  Therefore, someone will pick and choose the cost-effectiveness of the care you get. Should it be govt? Or insurance companies? I prefer that I and my family decide, based on what we can afford. To do that, we need clearer pricing, so that providers compete on price. And you can get some additional care you didn’t pay for, but only at the cost of losing your ability to choose most aspects of your care.

Stock Image of a doctor to lend my opinion gravitas.

That’s the only way you can make health care work, and it provides the most benefit to the most people.  Some people will be unable to afford care the desperately need, and will suffer and/or die.  However, there is no system under which this will not happen. A free market system minimizes those situations while simultaneously being transparent enough to make those same minimized circumstances insanely easy to demagogue.

That’s why everything sucks.


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