Hear the Voice of the Bushis

Two of them, anyway. And honestly we may not have the most honeyed, melodious vocals you’ve ever feasted your ear-holes upon. But still.

Bushi and Kaiju on Geek Gab!



Thanks to Daddy Warpig and Dorrinal for having us on, and to our audience. Missed Brian Niemeier – will have to talk with him some other time!




7 thoughts on “Hear the Voice of the Bushis

  1. Although I do write lots of politics, I’ve done a number of decent SF posts, too, no? I have the MUST READ SFF series, which is up to 4 at this point (if you include the CAN READ entry)

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      1. Yep.
        I came on board (or became aware of the blog, can’t remember) right at the Alienate the Readers post, so I got the impression that raw and possibly offensive political views were to be a centerpiece.

        …haven’t done any guitar stuff lately, which is making my name seem dumber and dumber all the time.

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