Birds and Flash and junk

Egad – has it really been a week since the last blog post?  I guess when Gita’s not writing the blog-oil recedes to a trickle around here!

I was out of town this past weekend for a wedding. Lots of Thai folk. It’s kinda of amazing, actually – the general expat community in Japan was pretty open in my experience. That is, my circle of friends was constantly assimilating newcomers, who would in turn bring in newbies of their own. Made for some fun parties. The Thai community here in the US, from what I’ve seen through my wife, seems similarly friendly and inviting, but it feels like a smaller world. We met people in North Carolina who had traveled from different parts of the country (and from Thailand), and yet there were varied threads to be discovered. In other words, it wasn’t just “hey, you with the bride or the groom?” There was mesh.

Aside from that, I’ve got a Castalia House post lined up (as in “in mind”), and a couple other things a brewin’. I’m mostly dividing my time between C# study and reading  Bridge of Birds. I’ll have some thoughts on that up soon.


I’m also halfway through the Greatest Adventure of All, which is pretty dang great so far. Flash Gordon is a beast. Animated Aura’s not so bad, either.


Soon it’ll be time to power my way through the rest of Hiero’s Journey, and then I’ll once again be confronted with the paralyzing decision of what to read next. Saberhagen? Vance? Some more Brackett? But I haven’t read Tarzan yet! Maybe I will just descend into madness instead.





10 thoughts on “Birds and Flash and junk

  1. I’ve kinda been on hold with my parents visiting.
    Also, I’ve made up my mind to write about The Monster Men next, and I’m just over 80% done. So probably later this week.

    I *want* to write more about SF&F, but my reading over the last 5 years has been embarrassingly meager. I have work to do if I’m going to be able to share thoughts worthy of the readers and my co-bloggers.

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  2. Ooh, I loved Hiero’s Journey.

    I don’t know how much this will help you decide who to read next, but apropos your very old question about favorite vintage SF authors, my new list is Howard, Brackett, and Vance.

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  3. Looking forward to your thoughts on this book. I enjoyed the first book the most and then each was just a little less enjoyable. I think the humor didn’t stay as funny for me.

    And Magic the Gathering for the win…


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