Return of the Koshinbun: Tolkien, Final Fantasy IV, Rampage

Is anyone else tired of reading about The Last Jedi yet, or is it just me? Here are some other things that have been going on in nerd world lately:


  • A whopper of a Tolkien post at A Pilgrim in Narnia. There’s a lot to explore here – a great roundup in honor of JRR’s birthday.




Heck yeah





Also: Mighty Thor JRS is getting into some great stuff these days




  • I am late to the game on this by a couple months, but apparently we’ve got a Rampage movie coming. This looks like it will be a garbage film. It also looks like it will be a lot of fun.




17 thoughts on “Return of the Koshinbun: Tolkien, Final Fantasy IV, Rampage

  1. Thanks for linking to the Mixed DM’s blog – I discovered a good one :P the mention of BIlly Joel sold me, though!

    Bleugh, that Eowyn drawing is… what?? Is that her armor? Is she bare-legged?? I have not seen the older treatments of LOTR but that pitiful excuse for armor just reeks of 70s pulp. Why is she advertising Suave? She didn’t remove her helmet (and thus reveal her hair) until just before killing the Witch-King! There were problems with the Jackson films – including changing Eowyn’s motivations – but lack of bare-legged babes is not one of them :P

    Good round-up post!

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    1. I’ve casually thought about trying it for a while, but I always get decision paralysis when I started looking at knives. Ideally I think I’d want to get a pocket knife of some sort with a locking blade, but haven’t found one I like.


  2. I, for one, am tired of The Last Jedi takes. Not that that is going to stop me from posting one tomorrow (assuming I find the time to actually write it today).

    When it comes to revisiting the pop culture of my youth, the Rock and Shia Labeouf are the angel and the devil on Hollywood’s shoulders.

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  3. So, what is this Rampage you talk about? I don’t care enough to google it ;-)

    Frazetta was a perv, so of course his drawings of women would be hawt. You sexist pig!

    If I never read another Last Jedi thingamajig, I’ll be just fine. I think my Star Wars’ness has completely died…

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    1. Rampage was an arcade game (I had the NES version), which as far as I remember had no story really. You just controlled a giant gorilla or lizard or in one version a wolf. There was co-op, and each level was a different city you had to destroy.

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  4. “Is anyone else tired of reading about The Last Jedi yet, or is it just me?”

    YES! Very much so. I get it, it’s not a very good movie, it destroys everything that was good about Star Wars, but it gets tiring hearing about it all the time.

    It’s good to see that people haven’t forgotten about Lotr. Even if it’s not Pulp and many hacks fantasy writers either copied Tolkien or tried too damn hard to be different from him and ended up creating a mixed bag of fantasy, it’s still a great piece of literature that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime in my opinion.

    In fact, it seems more and more people are starting to look for their entertainment in past more than they do from the present, which kind of says a lot of the state of entertainment today.

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    1. Indeed! I mean I still enjoy a fair amount of modern SFF, but it’s getting harder to find in all the garbage.

      One thing to its credit – it can point people back to older greats. Not everyone loves the LoTR movies, for example, but they did renew an interest in the books among a pretty wide audience. Also I bet younger nerds will eventually delve into GRRM’s inspirations and find writers like Vance. One can hope, anyway.


      1. It’s thanks to Martin that I discovered the likes of Roger Zelazny, Robert E Howard and Richard Adams. Yes, I was also part of the group who are shockingly unaware that there is fantasy besides Tolkien, Harry Potter and ASOIAF. I’m grateful that he recommended so many good authors on his blog. I’ve read every Conan, Kull, and Solomon Kane story and about half of Zelazny’s bibliography. Richard Adams I’ve only read Watership Down, but it was well written with a very good story. Enjoyed it all immensely.

        I’m not the biggest fan of either Martin or Neil Gaiman, but I’m glad they still promote classic authors, especially Lovecraft whose name has been slightly dragged through mud by scumbag ideologues.

        Anyway, thank you for your reply and the links you provided in this article.

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      2. It’s easy to lose track of the old greats when they’re eclipsed these days by newer authors and often difficult to find.

        Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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