A new little bushi

I’ve been leaning heavily on Gita recently for blog content, for a couple of different reasons. First off, I was preparing to sit for the CompTIA Security+ exam, a foundational IT security certification. God is good – I passed. Whether or not I can actually do anything with it…


Second, I was preparing for the arrival of my firstborn. Again, God is good.


Little Bushi arrived last week. Aside from a couple of (hopefully minor) concerns, mother and offspring are doing well. I am adapting to life without sleep.

I’ve been rereading Dune lately in little bits, because it’s one of my favorite books and I’ve read it enough times that it doesn’t take much effort on my part anymore. Suddenly thrust into the role of fatherhood, the dynamic between Leto and Paul has felt fuller and even more poingant to me. Not really looking forward to the bit about Paul’s son (though thankfully that part isn’t that well fleshed-out).

dune1983réal : David LynchKyle MaclachlanJurgen Prochnowcollection christophel





11 thoughts on “A new little bushi

  1. Congratulations! Best wishes to the new mother and your child, and I hope they get better and stay healthy.

    On a lesser note, nice work on getting your Security + cert. I think you are right to term it “foundational”; I don’t know of anyone who was hired solely because of their Security +, but it supports your professional profile and proves you know the basics about IT Security. A great many people in IT do not.

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      1. I’m at the tail end of an IT career. I started working with computers in 1975 (we used punch cards back then), and since ’97 I’ve been teaching people to prepare for network certifications. I have certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco and NetWare (back in the 90’s).

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