Glory Load


Ok, Glory Road is ultimately kind of garbage. I don’t often quit reading books once I’ve begun, but if I do it’s usually within the first chapter or two. This thing strung me along to within 50 pages of finishing. But alas, I can take no more.

And you know, if Heinlein had possessed the humility or sense not to keep writing once the adventure was done, or if his editor had possessed the cajones to rein him in, it would have been a middling, serviceable scifi story.

But nope. Instead we get more Stranger in a Strange Land Heinlein, who can’t stop himself from writing about free love and weird sex. The adventure is over, so here’s a few chapters of exposition about some weird imperial sex culture stuff.

Oh well.

As Kaiju tweeted some days ago:  Heinlein died after writing Starship Troopers.

The end.




18 thoughts on “Glory Load

  1. I want to argue for a death after The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, but that would also mean claiming Farnham’s Freehold. And I don’t even want to acknowledge that one.

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  2. That cover, though. Urgh. It’s totally reaching back to fricking ancient Greek fantasies about the female body. That’s one situation where I would comfortably judge the book by its cover.

    I haven’t read much Heinlein (a few pages of Stranger), but I am not surprised. Have you read his short story “All You Zombies”? My husband considered it one of the worst stories he’d ever read.

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  3. There are fewer things that disgust me more in fiction then when a writer feels the need to present me their sexual fetish, especially when it is as deviant and disgusting as Heinlein’s. It’s a huge turn-off. I want to read a story, not your personal diary.

    His juveniles are solid and worth reading, although I imagine that after this you probably want to stay away from Heinlein :)

    Fair warning; if Glory Road turned you off, do NOT read Time Enough for Love. The sexual deviancy is turned up to eleven.

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    1. I’ll probably still read TMIAHM and Have Spacesuit Will Travel. Think I also have Double Star on my shelf, so will give it a chance. Someday, that is. In no rush to go back to him. =)

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  4. I heartily urge:
    Starman Jones
    Farmer in the Sky
    Tunnel in the Sky
    Rolling Stones
    Red Planet

    Space Cadet is pretty good.
    Citizen of the Galaxy is pretty good, but gets slow near the end.
    Rocketship Galileo was okay, I guess. His first Juvie, and I think it shows

    I do *not* recommend Have Spacesuit Will Travel. It was one of my least favorite of his Juvies.
    I also do not recommend Time for the Stars or the Star Beast.

    Also, there is some weird plural marriage stuff in the MIAHM, but it isn’t written to be as titillating as in Glory Load. I think one could make an argument he was just positing how society would find equilibrium in a society with a high male:female ratio (I think 10:1?)

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    1. I’m going to definitely read all of first act Heinlein (the juveniles) and second act Heinlein, before reading third act Heinlein. (Although it doesn’t appear those “acts” divide in neat chronological fashion.)

      You are wrong about Have Space Suit—Will Travel, friend, and not just about how to spell it.

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  5. ” Heinlein died after writing Starship Troopers.”

    With the exception of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, I think I would have to agree. I read a lot of Heinlein in my younger days (pretty much all of his books up to and including Time Enough for Love) but nothing published after 1973. That book pretty much did it for me and with a couple of exceptions, I haven’t felt the need to reread any of Heinlein’s books.

    Stranger in a Strange Land was definitely a turning point and not for the better. Given what Hooc Ott discovered about Heinlein’s motivations for SiaSL, I doubt if that will change.

    I agree with Bookstooge: the juveniles are pretty solid, and I recommend TMisHM, but nothing else after Starship Troopers.

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