Site Spin-Offs

Well, it’s happened! will remain the Homeland. There is only one place where bushis may be hatched and reared, and this is it. I must admit, though, things have become somewhat diluted. We’ve got fiction, political commentary, movie write-ups, musings on video games, book reviews, thoughts on various stringed instruments…

As this place has grown, I think it’s become a bit snug in certain places. Therefore, while we’ll still be writing here about a variety of things (aka rambling almost incoherently about nonsense), we’ve sewn the seeds for two new, more narrowly dedicated sites:

Bushi SF/F – focusing on my writing and on scifi and fantasy topics

Kaiju Bushi Stuff – a dumping ground for Kaiju’s mad, brilliant fictions

Please update your bookmarks or website block lists accordingly.




6 thoughts on “Site Spin-Offs

  1. Just left another comment over there, but I did not get a notification email about your follow up reply. You might want to do some testing with a fake account or something to see what is happening/not happening.


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