Gitabushi is Off Twitter

  • by Gitabushi

Last week, I got in another debate with some Leftists over gun control.  The week before, I had come up with a formulation I rather liked: Hands and feet are used more often to kill people than rifles of all kinds put together.  So if you want to take away AR-15s from law abiding citizens because other people have used them to murder, we should cut off law-abiding citizens’ hands and feet because other citizens have used them to murder.

That’s obviously satire in the same manner as Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.”  I have no power to cut off anyone’s hands and feet. I have no way to cut off the hands and feet of some person who I encountered on Twitter, whose name and location I haven’t the slightest clue regarding. And our society would never countenance such an atrocious injustice.

I perhaps became too enamored with this formulation, and used it several times.

Finally (in the sense it was pretty much my last tweet), the Leftist I was arguing with decided to interpret it as *me* threatening to personally cut off *his* hands and feet.

The context should have made that claim ridiculous, but Twitter isn’t all that rigorous when adjudicating Leftist claims of being victimized by conservatives.

So my account was locked, and I was given the choice of providing my phone number so they could send a text to verify my ownership of the account, or deleting the offending tweet. I felt somewhat stubborn at that moment, and so did nothing.  And now I don’t even have that choice, because any attempt to access Twitter requires me to provide my phone number.

I’m not willing to give Twitter more of my information at this time.

And, to be honest, I think it’s probably a good thing to get away from Twitter for a while.  Ace of Spades left Twitter, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit left Twitter, ClarkHat left twitter.  Not that I am anywhere near the level of influence or intelligence they possess, but even just three days with no Twitter access helps me understand why Professor Reynolds said it felt freeing to give up on Twitter.

I miss many of you very much. I feel somewhat bad I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye on Twitter, because even if PC and Kaiju tweet this out, there are probably some of my old friends who won’t see it.

But that’s okay.

In any case, I’m doing well, and will probably write more articles here.  Fare thee well, and if you really need to talk to me, contact can be arranged.

Also, PC says I have to have a photo, and I haven’t done it lately, so here’s a random photo I have stored on my computer.


6 thoughts on “Gitabushi is Off Twitter

  1. Damn, dude. At least I follow you WordPress so I’ll get your blog posts. I’m not yet willing to give up Twitter. It feels too much like giving in to the enemy. We have limited channels as it is to bring balance to the leftist narrative and I’ll keep doing that until I’m booted too, which, by the looks of it, can happen at any time.

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